Github road to be really usable.User feedback appreciated.

We got Lumberyard on Github so the more is done.

But as you know the rest is way harder.

Actually, Lumberyard repository can be seen more or less as an alternative installation path, as it has yet to achieve its true potential.
We can all agree that a good repository and community effort can skyrocket the development of the engine.

For this reason, I humbly propose to have a more in-depth discussion about this subject and started this thread hoping to get the ball rolling.
I wanted to put my face on it as I’m confident in saying that both the team and the community have great hopes for the success of this aspect of the engine and that with the simple dialogue we can reach an optimal solution where everyone wins.

I’m also aware that probably both the team and the community are not so ready for this kind of collaboration and there are well-established protocols, workflows or just habits that need to be modified or more work to do alongside to make this work properly.

Maybe you can not agree with the GitHub choice, maybe it is not the best one, but with everyone help we can totally make it work great for this project especially if we start doing it in a very proficuous way as a real community.

Realistic goals should be defined and the reciprocal needs, Team and community ones, has to be fully understood by the parts.

The importance of the subject deserves some time to understand how to move the first steps in.

Other than goals another thing to understand is a viable and sustainable workflow, the branching model and the actual scope of the repository or what should really go into the main repo and the proper strategy to divide gems and samples organically in different repositories.

In the last iteration, main repo contains the Starter Game and all the Gems.
Starter Game is a natural candidate to be moved in a totally different repository.
Then we can discuss of the specific gems and try to understand the best strategy to manage them and their dependencies.

I hope that this may start at least a brainstorm that may then become a well-structured plan of action so please share your needs and thoughts.

Hey all,

I guess what would be very useful for the community in the first step is to actually leverage the power of power version control in git hub. The release on github, as the community requested, is appreciated but because currently there is no history and all commits are squashed is as useful as zipping the source code and providing a URL to it.

There are a some good tools which can act as a bridge between Preforce and github, and those could be leveraged. It would enable the community:

  1. to have a much easier way with experimenting with engine source code , manage merges of upstream, try new features in isolation
  2. more relevant PR reports
  3. an easier life in general when working with the engine
  4. Actually see what are the hundreds of fixes you do between releases
  5. Release notes contain usually only major features, but important bug fixes may slip form those. This would enable interested parties to actually track progress,
  6. Last but not least it would act for the engine code as a good direction signal,minimizing confusion, much like marking things in Sandbox “Preview” or “Deprecated” as a direction signal for tools

@Lumberjack Thanks for your contributions.Your points are very clear.Please keep following this space.

Perforce to Github workflow

@Lumberjack I don’t know Perforce to Github tools and workflow, I will make some research, but meanwhile, It would be great if you can tell us more about this possibility as it could be very handy in the present scenario.

Make it useful first and then easy to use.

I think that initially the workflow should be focused on the users more willing to make a push request and that can really cope with a work in progress workflow.It’s very important to understand who is really going to use it and what are the expectations, so really I would like to get more feedback especially from people just using git locally, on GitHub or used one of the other engines on GitHub.
When times will be mature and everything gets well-established, tools may fill the skill gap between the advanced/early adopter and the casual user to make a frictionless experience for everyone.

I just expressed my view about a future evolution of the project configurator supporting Git, listing, versions, gems, and samples repositories from official repositories on Github and with the possibility to add unofficial ones.
It gets all the required gems and checks out the required version based on dependencies constraints.You can then specify the specific branch of any gem the project will use.

GitBootstrap.exe and external files.

Another aspect that should be covered is assets and other external files and how they get acquired.
GitBootstrap.exe had some issues in past and I found way better to go with zip files as it looks like something that doesn’t add any tangible value; just another software to maintain and a potential point of failure(In 1.10 it always failed at the final CRC check trashing hours of download).
A versioned HTML file with instructions and few links to zipped resources may replace it entirely.

Other subjects of possible brainstorming.

  • documentation versioning
  • a legacy-free branch
  • a protocol for hotfixes
  • the scope of commits
  • branching strategy

I wish to register a complaint.

I am trying to get source of 1.12 from Github but after I clone/download the folder and start gitbootstrap

and get quite a bit of data downloaded (around 4.2 GB) the download suddenly stops and nothing happens. I am not sure if I am doing anything wrong but I have tried it mulitiple times with both clone and downloading the folder as a zip first.

That gitbootstrap thing is just not working for me. I would really appreciate if you can inform me if there is another way to download the source for now. Also please make it simpler to download the source. I had no problem with sources of UE4 and Cryengine. So I think this area must be made easier too.

Thanks and here is my system specs: