Global Illumination

To utilize the Global Illumination system, please refer to the following steps:

  1. In the Editor, go under File > Global Preferences >
    Editor Settings…
  2. Near the bottom of the settings list, there is an Experimental
    Features – Lighting
    tab. Select it.
  3. Turn on the checkbox for Total Illumination.
  4. Restart the Editor for the changes to take effect. This is a
    one-time enable of the feature, unless the user goes and turns it off again.
  5. Under the Render Settings for the level, enable the Global illumination check box.
  6. With the Total Illumination feature enabled, go under the Terrain
    section of the RollupBar and click on the Environment settings.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the RollupBar under the Environment
    settings to see that there is a Total Illumination v2 section, where you
    can set it to Active and have a few other settings to adjust for the
    level’s environment settings.
    When it comes to using cVars for Global Illumination:
  • Avoid using any of the _GI cVars other than e_GI to enable/disable Global Illumination.
  • Instead, use the e_svo* cVars.

Thanks for this information. Do you know what iteration of CryEngine’s GI solution Lumberyard uses? The cVars suggest that this branch uses the more recently developed SVOGI tech that CryEngine introduced after Crysis 3.