Gravity with PhysX character controller

how active gravity , i use physx character controller.
it’s possible active with script canvas ?

sorry my english very bad, i use google translate

No solution to my problem ?

Hi Maddjex. I couldnt tell from your video as you didnt have the entity selected so we can see your components, but do you have RigidBody Physics component? In that component you can turn on gravity. You will need to also include a Terrain Physics component either in an empty entity or you can attach it to your Default Level Setup. Without the Terrain Physics you will fall through the ground.

Hope this helps you.

i use Physw Character Controller component it’s not possible use with rigid body

I find a solution if you use PhysX character controller in script canvas

Sorry for late response forgot tocheck in on the forums, but yes using a kinematic character controller such as the physX one in lumberyard means you have to take care of things like gravity yourself thru code

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Yes i find basic solution with script canvas