Group Work In Editor/Lumberyard

Is it possible to get two or more people in the same editor able to mess with items at the same time? I was just wondering to see if more than one person could be working on the exact same project or not. Thanks for taking the time to read this :grin:. :ocean:

If you are referring to 2 or more people, each with their own PC, working in the same level and making changes?
Yes absolutely, that’s how games are produced. There’s some important details to how you set up your source control, be it on Git or on Perforce for example, and I’d strongly suggest you organize your level file with different layers for each user in the entity outliner.

Once you have the level setup in source control, that should take care of making sure everybody’s changes get in and no one is stomping over some one elses work.
I believe only one person can have the actual level file checked out tho.

Are you familiar with Git or Perforce?

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No @JKingpin I was not familiar with any sort of way to even get another person on the same level as me. How do I get started with either of those? I mean get them onto my game.

Ok I was looking at Perforce and found out I need the Helix Core Server, does everyone else need a certain software from perforce to get on with me? :thinking:

After looking at Perforce for a while I was wondering which one would be the better and easier choice to get everyone up and running, and not having to learn a huge amount of items to start?

I’ve always enjoyed Perforce due to the fact that’s it’s always been setup on every team/studio I’ve joined. I’ve never had to setup my own before.
I do know that Git has a bit more of a learning curve, but has a ton of support, docs, and videos out there to learn how to setup your own. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

@JKingpin Its fine :smile: You have helped me a lot just by showing me these ways to get a team setup.

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I am simply using One Drive. My desktop and Laptop in office and it simply works fine. You just have to make sure you are using same version of Lumberyard or Cryengine I guess. But I haven’t tried to use the 2 at the same specific time.