GSG 015 - Creating Enemy AI - AI navigation and Spawning bugged

hi learning using lumberyard v. and at this point i got bugged.

I have make what is said in tutorial (restarted 3 times in case) but noway.

What happend : when i go in trigger box with jake i have the sound of IAspawning i asume.

but no IA and the sound keep playing and looping more and more.

I will go for another try for this but if you have an issue

Thx in advance and i hope i could one day making some stuff with this aswome engine

(sorry i m french then my english is totaly garbage)

I will link a vid on you tube or with discord for pilot in distance

I have same issue when i spawn an enamy with Ai navigation component. Navigation dose not work at all. But works perfectly if entity is not spawed. I need this to work else ill have to manual place 1000+ enamies.

Same issue here. At least on version 1.18. Attempting version 1.20 to see if it is fixed.

Okay, the bug seems to happen if you forget to set the interior maze walls to “static”…basically it is trying to repeatedly spawn the enemy inside the walls, thus endless looping respawning creating the messed up audio. The spawner still isn’t working, I’m working on that, but at least the bug is fixed.

Alright that wasn’t actually the problem…not sure what was. Figured newer ways to do things.