Has anyone actually installed successfully Lumberyard?

I have tried from a relatively clean Win10 build, from the developer Win10 VM in HyperV and from Windows 10 Sandbox. Each time a different error or challenge. I would like to use this product and give Amazon some of my money for cloud services (Gamelift for example) but at this point I have given up. I am tempted even to find the email address that Jeff Bezos is rumored to watch for customer issues and see if he is aware that he spent 100M on vaporware. Please tell me it’s just me and I somehow am doing something wrong?

Has anyone actually installed successfully Lumberyard?

Believe it or not I’ve installed it successfully. And honestly if I can anyone can. I used the git method.


I failed 8 times in past 2 years ) Trying it right now again. I was able to install it recently, but it fails on creating new project, it just creates it forever ) Though I can open starter project.

Can`t say about win10 but with Win7 64bit ( Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017, Version 15.9.22) all work. Yep in old version from ~ to ~, i have some problems, but all was successful after one one or two try. On this moment all install and work perfect. I use only source code from GitHub. Can you write or show what wrong? What kind errors you have? Some logs and what version you try install ?

I’m a super noob to game engines in general. I have played around with unity and unreal, but have never run into the installation problems I have with Lumberyard! I’m in the boat of having it installed, but if I change up gems that require a rebuild, even after rebuilding (which takes ages!), I can’t open those projects.

I can’t believe the process you have to go through to “fully” install this thing. Selecting all the sdk’s, visual studio, video mdk, audio…why am I having to go through all this? I obviously need video and audio, why isn’t this just there by default?

Also why wasn’t the debug gem a default? Some of these decisions I am not understanding.

I’m sure there’s some uber customization that’s available here, and that’s why? So perhaps I need a tutorial for dummies that shows me how to properly install this for basic engine use that will allow me to pick the gems I want and they’ll actually work after a rebuild…

I successfully managed to install lumberyard about a year ago. I followed this great tutorial and it worked first time. https://youtu.be/evgHSN8NyNM
Hope this helps