Having issues 'Building Project' in Project Configurator

Hi, I just started working with Lumberyard. I have installed all of the required SDK but I am still unable to build a project in the project configurator. I have researched quite a bit and it seemed to of been a common issue earlier this year, but i haven’t seen any recent posts discussing the issue. The issue is that when I ‘Create New Project’ it endlessly ‘Builds Project’. I do not know how to fix this, any help would be wonderful. I am off work tomorrow so i would love to get some work done!=P

hi! welcome to the community, this is a common theme with the engine atm, its alleviated dependingh on the power of your rig (i have a really old desktop, i7 860 cpu for example where building a project takes upwards of 30 mins whereas on my laptop that rocks a 7th gen i7 it takes 10 mins or so) but if you see it just building the project then you are good for the most part it just takes a while.

If im not mistaken, if you havent built the engine it will do so along with building the project so creation time are longer so keep that in mind.

This is something the team is working on to alleviate for us and hopefully we will see it soon.

One thing you can do is go into task manager and end the python task and the project configurator task and then you can use the command line to build the project to see the progress. Why the lumberyard team thought it was a good idea to not show the command line output while it’s building in the project configurator is just another bad idea from lumberyard. You’ll get used those bad ideas and also you’ll get used to lumberyard not caring about us after a while.

Hi @hazardousreject sorry for the inconvenience building a new project in 1.22; I’ve reported a bug internally. “Create New Project” takes a long time to build even using fast hardware, and even then it won’t build properly. There have been work-arounds posted here to help before a fix makes it into an official release. New Version starting to show bad signs of this engine?!

The steps below should help work around errors when creating a new Project in 1.22…

1) Setup using SetupAssistant
a) Open \Amazon\Lumberyard\\dev\Tools\LmbrSetup\Win\SetupAssistant.exe
Select “Customize”
b) On the Get Started page select the following options…
c) On the “Install required SDKs” page select “Install All”
d) I also needed to install the AutoDesk FBX SDK via the “Install SDK” button
Afterward all required SDKs were all installed…
2. Create New Project via ProjectConfigurator.exe
a) On the last page “Summary” of SetupAssistant select the option “Configure Project” to open ProjectConfigurator.exe (or open Bin64vc141/ProjectConfigurator.exe)
b) Select “Create New” > Empty Project (this step takes a quite while even with an SSD and won’t end up building properly. It will eventually finish, although as long as the project folder has been created I think you can just exit the app during this process)
c) After this built, my default project was still set to StarterGame, so I had to change it by selecting my new project in Project Configurator and pressing “Set as default”. This definitely feels like a bug to me, so Ireporting it. After making it the default project a checkbox will appear…
d) Because the default project wasn’t set while it was being compiled, we must compile again, otherwise we can an error like this when opening the launcher executable T.T
3. Rebuilding With Proper Default Project Enabled
a) Open a commandline in the dev/ root and run…
i) lmbr_waf configure
ii) lmbr_waf.bat build_win_x64_vs2017_profile -p all

After setting default project and rebuilding I was able to launch Bin64vc141/Editor.exe and the game launcher. Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:

EDIT: I mistakenly rebuilt the wrong project when testing this (I have lots of versions on my PC). After creating the new project, all that is required is changing the default project to the new project, after which running the new project launcher and editor works as expected.

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I had some problems with the build, it was necessary to follow Az Ly docs to install VS correctly.

Maybe the solution for everyone is the Ly Assistent to check if all the things of VS need is installed before let do the building.