Heightmap not visible in Terrain Editor

I followed the tutorial video and imported the heightmap but it’s not visible on Terrain Editor? Are there any settings for this?
The actual terrain shows ok in the Perspective view.

Hello @pcci!

Which version of Lumberyard are you running? I was able to get the Heightmap to appear in the Terrain Editor in versions 1.11.1.


What version of Lumberyard are you using? Are you still experiencing this issue?

Update: I am not too smart. Apparently I was looking in wrong place. To find the .tif files: I located them in the asset browser and then copied the path to clipboard and used that to find them in terrain editor’s browser window. If this helps anyone else encountering the same problem.

Old Post:

I just started the tutorials as well with v1.12. I noticed the same issue: .tif heightmaps are not showing up in the terrain editor, although you can see them in windows explorer and the asset browser.

If you select “show all file types” in the file browser window you will notice that it shows the .tif files as several .dds files:

(This image is the import file browser from terrain editor)

I am not sure why the terrain editor is showing them as .dds files. I am not sure how to resolve this issue.

@pcci and @ZSpark85

Have either of you found a solution to your problem or do you still need some help here? To be clear, the issue you are having is that if the heightmap is in the .tif format it is not showing up in the terrain editor window?

Can either of you show a screenshot of what you are seeing? Thanks!

I have seen this happen with latest version 1.20

Sometimes if I resize the window it will show up, sometimes not.

I can still paint on the empty grey space and the terrain changes in the viewport, but the texture and so on doesn’t show.

Running into the same issue, seems like it only shows up as soon as you scale back the window