Hello I'm looking for help.

everyone new to the forum, I just downloaded Amazon Lumberyard.
I would like to ask one thing, are the character assets present in this photo available?
and a screen extracted from a presentation video by A.L.
thank you


“Lumberyard Characters”

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thank you
Is it possible to find the assets to reconstruct the entire alien scene, which can be seen in the Amazon Lumberyard trailer?
thank you

No, I don’t believe so.

no, these objects are not in the public domain

only the alien is available,
the scenery of the buildings no.
is it possible to download version 1.15 from any external site?
thanks for the support

What are you looking to do? Is it specifically this character or are you just wanting to put something cool into your game? One interesting thing that I’ve found recently is that it’s relatively easy to import external objects into your game. I like to play around with online sculpting apps, downloading the .obj file, converting it to .FBX format, then click and dragging it into my game.

I would like to recreate the whole scene where the alien climbs the buildings, as shown in the video trailer.
are there the same assets (buildings, sky background etc …) of the video trailer?

sorry for english…we write with the translator

Hey Carmine, your English looks good to me :). I am aware that we can download the characters but I’m unsure if the scene and skyboxes are available. Looking at the skybox, i can tell you that setting the time of day in engine can give you that skybox effect as the night sky should auto transition. Going into the skybox material menu in the environment tab, you are able to customize the skybox more. My advice would be to get the alien character asset, alter the time of day in engine (You can utilize script canvas to easily speed up the time of day to get the desired effect), and maybe add a purple hue to the skybox itself in the skybox >> environment tab. I can do some research on those buildings as they do look pretty sweet.
So in addition, LY has a bunch of tutorial videos to help devs with some of this. I recommend checking out this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaOvqBOtdXE <-- this video has Gene Yanza, and I happen to know that he is VERY knowledgeable and this tutorial could help in setting up animations for that alien asset to help recreate that trailer scene. Lumberyard is currently producing a lot more tutorial videos to assist developers with question just like yours Carmine. I highly recommend checking out the Lumberyard youtube channel for great tips on developing with Lumberyard. I hope this clears up some of your questions :smiley: