Hello Lumberyard Community!

I do understand that knowing the development direction Lumberyard will be taking is important to the community. To that end I will endeavor to bring as much transparency on it as possible, however, there are other considerations such as proprietary (secret sauce) work for Lumberyard that cannot be disclosed just yet. So complete insight may not be possible.

In the mean time I’ll see if I can start posting upcoming changes for future updates before a release so the community gets a heads up, and let me know what else you might be interested in (such as a feature list showing what is being worked on) and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

Well, I don’t think it’s necessary to reveal all the “secret sauce”, and I don’t think it’s all about upcoming features.

The problem stems from not really knowing where we are with the project. Unreal, for example, doesn’t have a public roadmap, but it does have a reliable release cadence. There is a numbered release every six months or so, each with several point updates to patch bugs, before moving on to the next version. The common practice is for a studio to freeze on a mature version as their project approaches completion.

With Lumberyard, it’s a rolling beta - we don’t know where we are, what might be changed or removed, when it might be ready to leave beta, or indeed if it ever will. I don’t think too many commercial projects are going to want to put themselves in that situation.

So, I think a roadmap to leaving beta, with the tasks that are required for that milestone, would be a good start.

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With regards to the vector data question, I’ve contacted the dev team and they are looking into possible solutions for it.

For some context into the reason for the currently setup - Lumberyard vectors on x86 use Intel 128-bit SSE registers. Whereas floating point on x86 still uses the legacy x87 80 bit internal 0-operand stack based floating point that Intel used a long time ago. Frequently moving hot data between SSE registers and floating point can be enormously expensive and can easily cause critical performance issues for pseudo real time software like a game engine. For that reason, the accessors currently available use hand-written intrinsics to attempt to avoid any legacy floating point usage.

Hope that helps, and I’ll keep you posted on further developments on this.


Unreal, for example, doesn’t have a public roadmap

@Zaphod_Beeblebrox actually, Epic has a public roadmap available for a long time where you can follow the progress of the features they plan on adding/changing/removing.


Oh, cool. I didn’t know they were doing that. I remember it being something people were asking for in the past. All the more reason to have one for Lumberyard then!

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Yep, I believe myself, @_AhmadKarami and hundreds of other developers have said this same exact thing. We definitely need a PUBLIC ROADMAP.

It seems that you are a NEW “Community Manager” and it seems “odd” that ever since YOU have started working at Amazon, that 99.9% of my posts are NOW BEING DELETED. #SeemsVeryOdd

In the past, our posts were left intact, we used to have “openness” and “transparency” had a good working relationship with our previous forum moderators (and previous community managers) but it seems that now our “new” Community Manager is DELETING EVERYTHING that we post, and wiping out and deleting the complete former “history” of Lumberyard ever since he has started working here. #NotAGreatWayToLeadTheCommunity

Not a “great way” to take over the Community.

As you can see, I too have asked for a public roadmap as well (this post was in early 2016, and I also have posts in 2015 as well, asking for a Public Roadmap, but in 5 to 6+ years that “request” seems to have fallen upon “deaf ears” at Amazon, and nobody at Amazon seems interested in a “public roadmap” that we can see or follow (or make feature requests for).

I concur. (This has definitely been a MAJOR problem for at least 5-6 years now)

I concur. (but I seriously doubt that ANYONE at Amazon is even listening)

I concur. A roadmap is completely useless if the Lumberyard Devs don’t even commit to it (which has been a major problem in the past) and watching Lumberyard Development is like “watching a herd of cats” wandering around aimlessly, and expecting to get something “productive” from this project is beginning to make my head hurt. Six years is a VERY VERY VERY LONG TIME, and it doesn’t seem that Amazon can do this (or lead this).

Lumberyard has been a complete nightmare for 6+ years, and just as other users have posted… ANYTHING YOU DO in Lumberyard will be BROKEN or DEPRECATED in the next following release. So as others have stated (above) there is NO POINT in using Lumberyard (or even attempting to use Lumberyard) until we can get a STABLE RELEASE and a PUBLIC ROADMAP and developers can agree to maintain a “stable” release (as well as an “experimental release” which will become the next release) so that developers that want a stable working (production) version can use the STABLE release, and those that want to “experiment” with newer features (and deal with a “broken” engine, in which nothing works, and every project we have created in the past stops working and no longer works).

Everything since Lumberyard 1.12 has been a major headache, and so many systems have been “deprecated” that NOTHING even works!

I understand these were some EXTREMELY PAINFUL times (as a member of the Lumberyard Community) and we have “stayed true” to the project, and endured a LOT LOT LOT OF PAIN (by losing ALL of our demo projects, and everything we have created in the past has been rendered completely useless, because the Lumberyard team keeps “breaking” everything for years now, without warning us, without telling us, and without asking for ANY FEEDBACK or ANY DISCUSSIONS (publicly) and we have NO PUBLIC ROADMAP and we just haven’t had a strong relationship between the Lumberyard Community & Lumberyard Developers.

The previous Community Managers were amazing! I loved LY_Binky, and I loved our previous Community Managers, but even they couldn’t “change” anything at Lumberyard, or even get us a public roadmap.

Or help us with ANY of our requests (for the past 5 to 6+ years).

It’s been a definite STRUGGLE (to say the least).

Well, truthfully out of the 25,000+ Devs (six years ago), we are probably down to a few hundred (if that) and probably down to maybe less than 50 (old school) active developers that are still hanging around (after all the “abuse” from Amazon) and dealing with a "broken’ engine for almost 6 years now, that still is missing 99% of the basic features that we have asked for (for 6+ years now).

Even things as simple as a PUBLIC ROADMAP (which should have been done on DAY ONE of this project) even after TENS OF THOUSANDS OF REQUESTS over 6 years, we still can’t get a PUBLIC ROADMAP.

I’ve NEVER in my entire life seen ANYTHING like this project here. It’s been “interesting” to say the least. A very “bumpy” ride, but a very very small handful of us are still here, and still “interested” in Lumberyard, and we do hope that this horrendously run project, can finally get “turned around” and we’re hoping for a stable LUMBERYARD 2.0 release, and we definitely need BETTER COMMUNICATION with the actual developers, so we can TALK and have OPENNESS about our concerns, our feature requests and what we NEED.

A public roadmap would be a “kind gesture” from Amazon.

I created a “PUBLIC ROADMAP” for Amazon Lumberyard (about 6 years ago), and also created one on Trello.com (several years ago), but it’s pointless when we can’t even get the Amazon Lumberyard Developers to even SPEAK TO US and TELL US what is coming or even HELP US UPDATE THE PUBLIC ROADMAP.

See here:

@lmbr_Saulty - If you would like me to add you (as a contributor) to the LUMBERYARD PUBLIC ROADMAP then that would be GREAT, and I hope that a few more Lumberyard Developers would be willing (to ask to be added as contributors) and sign up for Trello accounts, and be willing to help with the public roadmap.

You can see the Community Lumberyard Public Roadmap here:

But as you can see, I can’t seem to get ANYONE from the Lumberyard Dev Team (or any former Lumberyard Community Manager) to help / speak / commit to even speaking publicly about the Lumberyard Roadmap.

It seems to be some “Top Secret” project at Amazon that NOBODY is allowed to discuss or comment on. As a community we are NOT ALLOWED to “know” what Amazon is doing, or what is going on with Lumberyard, and it’s some “TOP SECRET” Project that Amazon doesn’t even know what it is doing with. (or working on).

It’s been a NIGHTMARE for 6+ years, and it doesn’t seem like anything will get better anytime soon.

I don’t blame ANYONE at Amazon, many of the Devs are great and amazing, but the LEADERSHIP at Amazon has been terrible when it comes to “running” this failed project.

We need better commitments from Amazon for OPENNESS and TRANSPARENCY which have ALWAYS been MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR problems in the past 6+ years, and NOBODY can even speak publicly about what is even going on with Lumberyard.

We don’t even know if this Lumberyard project will even cease to exist in 6 months from now. (Especially with Amazon shutting down all it’s studios, and in 6 years Amazon hasn’t been able to even release ONE single AAA-quality game).

I wouldn’t call “The Grand Tour Game” (which was more of a proprietary “demo”) a real AAA-quality game/release. It was only released on console, and never even made it to Windows PC.

Plus Amazon doesn’t seem to “listen” to the Community, and even Crytek was much better at releasing AAA-quality CrySDK’s (with AAA-quality photorealistic environments with destructible vegetation, destructible buildings, realistic water, boats, vehicles, and even chickens and animals in the open world demo maps and we could use those SDK’s for use in our own game development and for learning).

Lumberyard has deprecated EVERYTHING (including the former CrySDK) and now we just have NOTHING comparable (to the former CrySDK) and in 6+ years we can’t even get an “updated version” as a “replacement” for the deprecated CrySDK! (using the new script engine, and new Lumberyard).

I believe my top requests would be:

  1. Public Roadmap
  2. New photorealistic demo project with AAA-quality game assets, Quixel-megascans type photorealistic destructible vegetation, photorealistic destructible buildings, a large massive photorealistic forest environment with a photorealistic lake (with realistic water/water physics) and several photorealistic boats (that a player can drive) that are destructible. We “miss” that old Crytek Crysis-based CrySDK environment that we could see/use/learn from. The current new Game Sample series is horrendous (I mean absolutely NO DISRESPECT to John Diaz).

John Diaz is a GREAT PERSON and his videos are AWESOME (great quality videos/tutorials) but unfortunately they are NOT WHAT WE NEED. The content is NOT WHAT WE NEED.

What we NEED is start by creating a AAA-Quality level that is photorealistic with destructible vegetation, destructible boats, destructible vehicles, realistic looking animals with sounds, and make a AAA-quality “CrySDK” type game environment (identical to the former CrySDK) and RECORD THE WHOLE DEVELOPMENT and just post it as 1/100, 2/100, 3/100, 4/100, 5/100 and let us watch the whole series (from start to finish) and let us watch (in realtime) how to create step-by-step a AAA-quality cinematic quality game environment that is equal to (or better) in photorealism to a “Joe Garth” environment video.

If nobody at Amazon can do this, then please reach out to Joe Garth and see if he would be willing to do it. Joe Garth has done most of the Cinematic-quality videos (for Crytek) for many many years, and he does pretty much ALL of the Quixel Megascans tutorials (for both Brushify, and Quixel and Crytek) and now I believe he is even working on amazing “cinematic quality” environments for Unreal Engine as well.

Joe Garth is the CORRECT MAN FOR THE JOB, and I vote/nominate Joe Garth to do the Environment Tutorials for Lumberyard! This is something we NEED, and Joe has done some AMAZING WORK at both Crytek, Quixel, and now over at Epic Games doing “Brushify” tutorials for Unreal Engine.


This is NOT any type of “advertisement” or anything like that, this is a REQUEST and SOMETHING WE NEED for Lumberyard!

As a Community, the Lumberyard Community is the absolute WORST RUN COMMUNITY in history! I’ve never seen anything this bad!

Nobody from Amazon LISTENS to us. Nobody from Amazon helps us, or even LISTENS or does what we ask. These are “basic” things that we can find on Unreal Engine and Unity, and it just blows my mind that Amazon doesn’t know HOW to create a Community for Lumberyard (or even HOW to develop a game engine) or HOW to even create content for their game engine!

This is EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED (EXACTLY) for Lumberyard:

I don’t believe that John Diaz can create content (that good), and the ONLY PERSON that I know that could do such a thing is JOE GARTH, and it would be best for the Lumberyard Team (or even I can reach out and ask Joe if he could help) but without Lumberyard being stable (and without a public roadmap) anything that we create will just be BROKEN and DESTROYED in the next Lumberyard release!

So it’s completely pointless to even mess with or even use Lumberyard. I understand that YOU are “new” and you think you are going to “change the world” but these are longterm SYSTEMATIC PROBLEMS with Amazon Leadership, and I just don’t think you’ll fix any of this. (You have only been with Amazon 4 months, and you delete everything I post).

We need YOU (and the Amazon Dev Team) to LISTEN TO US.

Create this same exact step-by-step tutorial (yes a 2+ hour tutorial) that we can watch (in real-time) and ask Joe Garth (who formerly did cinematic environments for Crytek years ago), but see if he would be willing to work (in his spare/personal time) on a tutorial for Lumberyard EXACTLY like this one here:

Also the “new” Lumberyard Forum Rules (that YOU CREATED) are TERRIBLE!!

It shows that you have NO RESPECT for the Lumberyard Community (or what we NEED) and Unreal Engine doesn’t have these types of “communist” regime (iron fist) moderators that delete our posts, or RESTRICT our free speech, or RESTRICT our ability to talk about (or discuss) development (and other engines) and feature requests.

The thing that makes Unreal Engine so great, is the large Unreal Engine Community (that is extremely helpful and friendly) and Unreal Engine developers that LISTEN TO US and HELP US. We just don’t have that here at Amazon.

Amazon has been TERRIBLE for the past 6+ years and NOBODY listens to us from Amazon.

We also need third-party TOOLS like “Brushify” for Lumberyard.

If we even discuss anything third-party, then YOU @lmbr_Saulty DELETE our posts, or argue that it’s AGAINST YOUR NEW RULES.

That is NOT how a Community works!

We NEED third-party developers and content creators to CREATE things for Lumberyard Community (i.e. Brushify) because in the Unreal Engine Marketplace we can purchase these tools, very affordable/cheap, and use extremely powerful tools to create AMAZING photorealistic environments in under ONE HOUR!

You’ll NEVER see anything like this in Lumberyard, and Amazon won’t give us a Marketplace (exactly like Unreal Engine Marketplace) where we can have our own community developer things like cars, blueprints, and buildings, cities and make these available for the community to use!

Unreal Engine developers/community won’t even “port” these projects to Lumberyard because Amazon Leadership is SO TERRIBLE and in 6+ years won’t even give us a Marketplace!

NOBODY at Amazon will LISTEN to us!

Just watch this tutorial here on Unreal Engine 4 on Web Browsers here:

Look at the quality of that environment and that Unreal Engine project (that is publicly available for free download) and look at how good that looks!

In 6+ years, I have NEVER seen ANYTHING like that here in the Amazon Lumberyard Forums/Community.

The 22,000+ developers (that got “excited”) and joined Lumberyard have ALL LEFT (during the past 6+ years) and out of those 22,000+ developers, there are probably less than 20 of us left (out of that original 22,000+ that joined Lumberyard in 2014/2015).

In 5 to 6+ years, I was here from the very beginning (I believe “HeadClot” was here as well and a few others) but most of us have come from the Unreal Engine and CryEngine Developer Communities (and HeadClot was very active at CryEngine forums) and he and I have created tens of thousands of tutorials for CryEngine, Unreal Engine, and when we come to Lumberyard Community, we just don’t have the same “glue” that keeps the community together. We don’t have ANY SUPPORT from the Amazon Lumberyard Developers and the past 8-10 Community Managers (they were all good, and I have no complaints with any of them, and they were some Amazing Community Managers) but NONE OF THEM were able to do ANYTHING to even get us a Public Roadmap or get ANY of the features that we have asked for in 6+ years put onto the roadmap (and made into REALITY).

This has been an “ongoing problem” and unfortunately you have only been with Amazon for 4 months and are “brand new” and “green” and you just don’t understand how HARD and IMPOSSIBLE it is to work with Amazon on this project.

Amazon doesn’t know HOW to create a game engine, and they don’t know HOW to create a Community.

It doesn’t matter HOW MANY Community Managers you hire, it will NEVER change the fact that Amazon doesn’t listen and will NEVER CHANGE.

We will NEVER get a public roadmap for Lumberyard.

We will NEVER see a “stable” version of Lumberyard (production ready).

We will NEVER get a cinematic photorealistic AAA-quality game sample (that is BETTER than the CryEngine CrySDK game sample) but updated, and that is “on par” with this here:

Not only create this, but SCREEN RECORD EVERYTHING, and then release it as tutorial video series (even if it is 100+ videos showing step-by-step) click by click on EVERYTHING that is being done to CREATE THIS.

This is HOW students learn!

Please PLEASE PLEASE talk to Joe Garth (or I can do it for you) but we NEED Joe Garth to create a “Brushify Tutorial Series” (with his Brushify Tools) for Lumberyard!!


Also please see this video here as well:

Joe Garth has created 75% of the very best environments (for Crysis, and Crytek) and has some AMAZING work over at Quixel (for both CryEngine and Unreal Engine) while he worked for Crytek (and then later/now working at Quixel) but he does his own “Brushify.io” tutorial series and you can purchase his “Brushify.io” tools, projects, and environments in the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

See here:

You spend $20 (and buy the environment and tools used in his video) and then watch a 1-2 hour video and in just 1-2 hours you can re-create what he has done (and learn a LOT in the process) and he teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to create AAA-quality cinematic quality environments!

Unfortunately we don’t have this for Lumberyard (because Lumberyard is so incredibly UNSTABLE, and UNPREDICTABLE and just a terribly-run project that NOBODY can develop for, because we don’t have a stable production-ready game engine that we can actually USE that won’t be “broken” during the next release, and render ALL of our projects that we work on useless.

If you look at Unreal Engine, it’s completely different. If you create a project in Unreal Engine, if/when you upgrade to a newer version of Unreal Engine, you can still open your OLD projects and the Unreal Engine just “updates” your project to the very latest engine. It “fixes” things for you. So if you create a project in 4.24, then when 4.25 is released the FIRST TIME you open your 4.24 project in 4.25, Unreal Engine “knows” what needs to be migrated/fixed and it converts your project file to a 4.25 version that works perfectly in Unreal Engine 4.25.

We just don’t have that in Lumberyard! We should be able to open very old Lumberyard 1.0 projects or 1.12 projects (in the very latest version of Lumberyard) and Lumberyard should AUTOMATICALLY CONVERT these old projects over to the very newest/latest Lumberyard version and “fix” and “convert” these projects so that they work in the current version of the game engine (similar to how Unreal Engine does it).

This is a MAJOR PROBLEM (for 6+ years) and WHY nobody wants to use Lumberyard to develop ANYTHING because anything we create is broken and as soon as the next release of Lumberyard comes out, it doesn’t automatically “convert” our projects (based on the version of engine we are using).

So we can’t take a 1.0 project and open it in 1.25 (in Lumberyard) like we an do with a Unreal Engine 4.23 project and open it in Unreal Engine 4.24 and it automatically updates the project file to UE 4.24. Then if we open the same project again in UE 4.25 then it will convert the project to UE 4.25 version.

We need these same things in Lumberyard! (So we can continue to work seamlessly on developing content, and our projects won’t “break” every single time Amazon releases a new version of Lumberyard). #MajorProblemsWithLumberyard

As a developer (with no public roadmap) we have NO WAY of “knowing” what Amazon is doing (and what is planned on the roadmap and what is being worked on, what features are being deprecated in a future release, and we have no idea what we need to do/change to even get our projects working in a future version). It’s a complete nightmare to even use/learn/teach Lumberyard.

For 6+ years, it’s been a battle/struggle. #NotFun

Most instructors have abandoned Lumberyard and moved to Unreal Engine, where we have a good strong Developer Community, and great marketplace, great tutorials, and very friendly developers (that WORK WITH US) and these are things that Amazon is very “weak” in, and for 6+ years we can’t get ANYONE from Amazon to LISTEN TO US.

I believe you are the 10th or 11th Community Manager that has said those exact same words (and I personally LAUGH everytime someone NEW and “fresh” and “green” comes to work at Amazon and becomes a new Community Manager).

We have NEVER been able to do ANYTHING “together”. You’ll see this and learn this (the hard way) over the next year (if you last that long). But you’ll see!

This is an ongoing problem with Amazon Leadership, and YOU ALONE will NEVER change Amazon (or Amazon leadership) and you’ll see how difficult it is to actually do the things that you are saying that you PLAN on doing.

Every single community manager (in the past) has attempted to do these same things (and “help us”) but due to “Amazon politics” it’s been “impossible” to do.

A small handful of us are still here. The rest will NEVER NEVER NEVER come back to Amazon. (they have been “burned” for 6+ years and NOBODY is coming back to Lumberyard). Amazon doesn’t “learn” and doesn’t “care”.

This is NOT a “community manager” problem. This is an Amazon Leadership problem. Unfortunately this problem goes all the way to the top, and this is something that YOU will NEVER fix or change. #Sorry #TryingToStayOptimistic

I hear what you say, but actions speak louder than words, so please MAKE IT HAPPEN and LISTEN TO US. PLEASE!

I concur. I think you can probably see a “trend” here. Nearly everyone has been asking for a Public Roadmap.

I completely agree with Ahmad Krami. Ahmad has been here for quite some time as well (at least 2016?) and he has said many of the same exact things that I have said.

We definitely need DirectX 12 Ultimate, and Metal / Metal 2 support, we need “one-click” export (to Xbox Series X, and PS5 consoles, as well as the very latest iOS, and Android, and Nintendo Switch).

These are areas that Lumberyard is extremely “weak” in, and if you want an “example” of HOW TO DO THIS, then please look at Unreal Engine 4.25!

Look at HOW EASY IT IS in Unreal Engine 4.25, and then try to do this in Lumberyard, (or even CryEngine) and see how terrible it is.

These are ALL the SAME EXACT THINGS that I have said (repeatedly) in the forums (over the past 6+ years) but NOBODY at Amazon is listening to us. NOBODY!

Look at Epic Games and look at the very latest Unreal Engine! There is a REASON WHY Epic Games has created their OWN DESTRUCTIBLE PHYSICS ENGINE (Chaos), and their own VFX/particle system (Niagara), their own spatial audio system (all included with Unreal Engine 4.25) and a nice seamless workflow and each works together (inside the game engine) seamlessly!

Just look at the very latest Unreal Engine 5 demo, and you’ll see how the physics, audio, particle effects and everything “just works” out of the box.

This is something that Lumberyard doesn’t do! Wwise was wonderful many years ago, but I personally like the new Unreal Engine 4 spatial audio system much better. It’s great being able to do everything from inside UE4, and I hope that Lumberyard can eventually head this same direction.

This is HUGE and this is something that I have been asking for (For YEARS) and nobody at Amazon ever listens!

Also on a sidenote, just LOOK at the stuff we get FOR FREE every single month with Unreal Engine here:

and here:

Just look at that “Drivable Cars Basic Pack” (by Digital Dive Studio) included FOR FREE for the Month of May!

Just look at this “Modern City” (May 2020 free content) here:

It is here (in the UE4 Markpleace) and was FREE (for all Unreal Engine users) for the Month of May here:

Also please look at this “Drivable Cars: Advanced Pack - car damage, destruction, animations and more” here:

THIS IS WHAT WE NEED for Lumberyard!! (complete with “Blueprints”) so we need a “ScriptCanvas” version with assets for Lumberyard!

We need a Full Vehicle “Drivable Cars” Advanced Pack with AT LEAST 5-10 cars (one sedan, one coupe, one hatchback, one truck, one van, one sports car, one motorcycle, etc.) EXACTLY like the Drivable Cars Advanced Pack (with destruction, car damage, animations, garage, dealership, etc.)

EXACTLY like this one for Unreal Engine 4 here:

Watch this video here:

This is the “top downloaded” item for Unreal Engine 4!

Why is this not available for Lumberyard? Oh, that’s right. We don’t have a Marketplace! (Sorry, I forgot).

In 6+ years, we can’t even get a “LumberyardEngine Marketplace”. #RealProblems

When we ask for a “Grand Theft Auto 5” (GTA5) type of tutorials/environment (with GTA5 type vehicles) in Lumberyard, EVERY SINGLE DEVELOPER LAUGHS AT US, and every single tutorial maker (that works for Amazon) says it’s IMPOSSIBLE (and says silly things like "Oh Grand Theft Auto cost $250 Million dollars to make, and we can’t do that here at Amazon).

Ok, then WHY are single lone-wolf one-person developers creating GTA5 games in Unreal Engine 4 (all by themselves) and also creating nice $20 tutorials (with project files, blueprints, and full complete game environments) in Unreal engine 4?

What’s the PROBLEM? Why is EVERYTHING SO HARD when dealing with Amazon?

For SIX years you still can’t even do this?

I’m sorry to sound “harsh” but if Amazon can’t do this (in 6+ years) then Amazon is hiring the WRONG PEOPLE to work for Amazon!

We had working vehicles in Unreal Engine 4.2 (over 6+ years ago) in Unreal Engine see here:

In 6+ years NOBODY at Amazon can even create the same exact tutorial (with vehicles) for Lumberyard? (that was 6+ years ago).

NOW we are asking for this here:

A nice GTA5 style Advanced Driveable car system including realistic physics, damage, destruction, deformation, sounds, marks/damage/dirt, with enter/exit animations, surface detection. etc.

Can Amazon Lumberyard Team do this? If not, then they probably shouldn’t be in the “Game Engine” development business. #RealTruth

This is a great “UE4 Drivable Cars” pack (available for FREE during the month of May) at Unreal Engine Marketplace here:

Please watch this video here:

When will we begin to see AAA-quality game assets like this helicopter here (in Lumberyard Marketplace) here:

Watch this video here:

We need vehicles in Lumberyard!

I concur. This has been said thousands and thousands of times (over and over and over again) in the Forums (for 6+ years) but NOBODY at Amazon listens. NOBODY!

How can you have a game engine for 6+ years, and we don’t even have a working vehicles system? Seriously? C’mon guys…

Yep, @Zaphod_Beeblebrox has been here quite a while as well, and everything he is saying is TRUTH. Amazon hates the TRUTH, but yes… these are MAJOR problems. How do you expect US (as developers / teachers / instructors) to even take this “mess” of a game engine SERIOUSLY when the company behind this game engine (Amazon) doesn’t know WHAT THEY ARE DOING, and won’t even TELL US what they are doing, and is acting like this is a TOP SECRET PROJECT that NOBODY can know about.

I’ve developed fully autonomous drones (for the government) that are “LESS TOP SECRET” than the way Amazon treats Lumberyard Roadmap.

These shouldn’t be SECRETS. This is a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR PROBLEM with Amazon and Amazon Lumberyard and Amazon Leadership. #BigFAIL

How do you expect us to even USE the silly Lumberyard Game Engine when we try and do ANYTHING with it, the next version just BREAKS EVERYTHING and our project files are completely useless.

It’s been a NIGHTMARE for 6+ years, and it seems like nothing is getting better.

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Great engine! But what I really miss is to be completely happy. I’d like to see a project demo with a robot executed entirely on script canvas! So de I lack the physics of rope. Thank you

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Hi @Mark.Malewski , I AGREE WITH YOU COMPLETELY, You really said the words of my heart, Thank you so much my friend, I came/Migrate to Lumberyard because of the insults, censorship and disrespect of the Cry Engine team , I am sorry that I live in Iran at this time and on this date. If I were in Europe or the United States, I would be very successful, because I have a good resume in Iran, but I showed my genius in the United States or Europe.
I can’t even download Visual Studio now(Severe sanctions), it’s been all these years, I even wrote a book of up to 300 pages and it could have been at least 1,000 pages in relation to Script Canvas, but I found so many (a LOT of) bugs in Script Canvas that I gave up about book , It even had a name: God’s graphs in Amazon Lumberyard , What a benefit! It’s over. :pensive: Earlier, I wrote a book for that damn Cry engine called Dream of a Developer: C++ & tools in CE 5.4 & 5.5 , 634 pages, which Crytek censored and ignored and, Unigine’s disrespectful and rude employees are much worse than Crytek :smirk: I wanted to write a great C # book for Unigin, but now that I think about how much better I didn’t write it, Unigin’s employees are really stupid, Amazon employees are really respectful and personable (Of course, I also wrote political articles against Amazon because amazon is anti-Trump, anyway Trump 2020), LY team, PLEASE PUBLISH LUMBERYALRD 2.0 Final (Prime Version), That’s all. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Ahmad!

Thank-you for your very kind words! It’s good to see you here! I’m glad you are here with us at Lumberyard! I’ve seen you at CryEngine and Unigine. I’m glad to see you so active here at LY! :heart:

I’m glad to see you here! I am so glad to see that you are still here with us! I do hope we can have a good OPEN team with OPENNESS and TRANSPARENCY! :heart:

I’m very sorry to hear this. I know you work very hard, and I do appreciate everything you do for the community Ahmad! I do hope one day when Lumberyard 2.0 is released (and things become more “stable”) that maybe we can work together on a few Lumberyard and ScriptCanvas books (with project files and sample projects) that the community can use and learn from. (I also hope that you can also translate them as well) and I do hope we can teach others about Lumberyard!

Be patient my friend, and I do hope that Lumberyard 2.0 is coming soon (I truly hope so) and I spoke with John Kennedy, and we had a very good conversation, and I am trying to stay “optimistic” about the future of Lumberyard, and I truly do hope that we can ALL work together (as a strong tight community) and hope we can help/share/learn/teach each other and work closely together with the Lumberyard Developer Team (Core Engine Team) so we can “teach” and “evangelize” about Lumberyard.

I see many great videos (and books) and tutorials and sample projects from the Unreal Engine (Epic Games) team (and Unreal Engine “evangelizers”). I hope that in the future we too can create/do something similar to Lumberyard. But it’s difficult times right now (with things breaking, and no stability, and no communication).

But we definitely DO need a “stable” version (Lumberyard 2.0 “production” LTS version) of Lumberyard that we can use for at least 6-8 years (without drastic changes) so we can start developing some great/amazing content! (similar to how Epic Games does things)

Even CryEngine has very long cycles (look how long CryEngine 3 was around, and look how long CryEngine 5 has been around/stable). We need a Lumberyard 2 (production ready / stable release) and we need a long 6-8 years “stable release” (for the community and developers to use). While the Lumberyard Dev Team works on the “future” (Lumberyard 3.0) quietly for many years (while we use Lumberyard 2.x for stable production).

It’s very difficult (and frustrating) to start work, and then it becomes “useless” when a next release “breaks everything” with no converter or “migration” tools/path. Lumberyard 1.x releases have really been “painful” with many things breaking, and all our projects becoming useless and “deprecated” (since Lumberyard 1.12).

I do like how Unreal Engine you can begin working on a project and when new engine release updates happen, it automatically “updates” and “migrates” your project (automatically) when you open it with a newer version of the engine. So you NEVER NEVER NEVER have to “worry” about your project NOT working (in future releases) and there is always a “migration” (automatic conversion).

I do hope that we can have these same exact features in Lumberyard (very soon) so that way content developers and artists can focus on developing and start working on great things, and not have to worry about Lumberyard Core Engine releases “breaking everything” with each new release.

I understand we have gone through some very “tough” times (here for the past 6+ years), but I do hope that we can leave/exit “beta” very soon and finally reach a “stable” PRODUCTION release version (hopefully a Lumberyard 2.0) release that we can finally have a “stable production release” that we can begin writing tutorials, and creating content for.

ScriptCanvas has come a very long way (I was very excited when Lumberyard talked about releasing a “blueprints” type visual scripting language, and I do like ScriptCanvas), but I wish there was some way to be able to use existing “Blueprints” (because there are just so many blueprints available in the Community) and I wish we could somehow have many great vehicles (using ScriptCanvas), very similar to the “Driveable Cars: Advanced Pack - car damage & destruction, animations and more” that you can find here:

I wish we could “import” these vehicles, meshes, textures, and somehow “convert” these Blueprints to ScriptCanvas (for using in Lumberyard) and offer this same package in a Amazon Lumberyard Marketplace (so other users can download/use them and learn from them).

Plus it would be GREAT to start “converting” some of the many public domain (community created) GTA5 vehicles (from GTA5-mods.com) here:


There are hundreds of thousands of AMAZING AAA-quality vehicles, and some very very high quality vehicles at GTA5-mods.com (created/donated by the community) and I wish we had something like this “Driveable Cars: Advanced Pack - Car Damage & Destruction, Animations, etc.” inside of Lumberyard (so we have a “standard” for vehicles for Lumberyard) and then we can start working on converting/importing many of the hundreds of thousands of vehicles (from GTA5-mods.com community) and bringing them here to Lumberyard for the Community to download and use.

We definitely need a “Marketplace” for Amazon Lumberyard (similar to Unreal Engine Marketplace or Unity Marketplace) so we can start creating and posting content. The forums are NOT the correct place for this, and we need a real Marketplace for Amazon Lumberyard.

That way we can create “Tools”, and “Vehicles” and “Paint Jobs” and “Weapons” and “Scripts” and “Buildings” and “Maps” (project files), etc. that people can search for and download and use for learning (or for creating their own games/content).

I believe Unreal Engine has the very largest and best Marketplace (Unity is pretty good too), but Unreal Engine Marketplace is my favorite, and there are so many great developers working and contributing to the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

I just wish that Amazon would finally give us a “Lumberyard Marketplace” (and a nice launcher like Unreal Engine, with a “Learning” tab, and “Marketplace” tab, so users can see the very latest Marketplace “spotlight” content, and “free monthly content”).

Plus a “learning tab” with links to videos and tutorials (just like Unreal Engine). UE4 Community has done such a great job with books, and content.

I would like to eventually do the same thing here (at Lumberyard) but we need a STABLE Lumberyard 2.0 release, and we need something that is NOT going to change (or break) with future releases. (Similar to Unreal Engine) so we have a “stable production release” that we can begin working on / with.

I believe Lumberyard has LOTS of “potential” to be AMAZING, but it’s frustrating with each release it breaks everything from the past, and it’s so difficult (and frustrating) to create content (only for things/systems to get deprecated with each new release) and for major systems to be changing/breaking and many things changing and getting deprecated.

I do think ScriptCanvas is getting better, but it still needs lots of work. Also I wish we could somehow “modify” ScriptCanvas so that we could create “aliases” or something, so that way we can make ScriptCanvas 100% exactly like BluePrints (so we can easily convert/import BluePrints directly into ScriptCanvas in Lumberyard) especially for vehicles.

There are so many good vehicles for Unreal Engine (from the community) with great Blueprints with great sounds, damage, deformation, dirt, enter/exit animations, breakable pieces and glass, and deformable mesh, material and amazing car behavior (and very good/realistic “handling” on various surfaces roads, dirt, snow, ice, etc.)

We need these same exact things in Lumberyard, but it’s so hard to work on these things when we don’t have “close contact” with the Amazon Lumberyard Developers (and KNOW the future of Lumberyard and Roadmap) so we can PLAN (and work together) and ONLY work on these projects when we KNOW for sure that the things that we make will work (in the future) and not be BROKEN with the next Lumberyard release.

So many nice things (and nice projects) that people have worked on, have been “lost” and “destroyed” as soon as Amazon releases the next release. There is NO MIGRATION and NO CONVERSION (from one release to the next) so our projects are completely destroyed (and everything that was created in the past is “deprecated” and “lost” and never updated).

We need some type of automatic conversion system (like Unreal Engine) that automatically updates projects (from older versions to new/latest version when you open the project in the latest version of Lumberyard, and we need this to be AUTOMATIC just like Unreal Engine).

This would solve MANY MANY MANY problems (for artist and content creators and Environment Artists that create nice project demo files only to see them useless and destroyed when the next Lumberyard version/release happens).

I hope these things can be fixed in Lumberyard very soon, so we can finally begin starting a good strong community here, and hopefully create something like the Unreal Engine Community here at Lumberyard.

So we can have nice realistic looking vehicles (with dirt, and mud, working headlights, working tail lights, turn signals, brake lights, horn, opening doors, opening truck, opening hood, realistic engine, working windshield wipers for rain, realistic rain, realistic dirt, realistic weather, realistic engine sounds, realistic gas/acceleration with sounds, and realistic brake/deacceleration with sounds, and cinematic quality interior with working gauges, working stereo, etc.)

We have created many “mods” for the GTA5 Community, and it would be GREAT and AMAZING to start bringing them to Lumberyard Community (but we need a working vehicle system in Lumberyard that is a “standard” like what they created in Unreal Engine). That way other members of the community can begin to import/convert vehicles, (and we need sample CanvasScripts for sport cars, trucks, vans, sedan, coupe, motocycles, helicopters, boats, etc.)

We need these things in Lumberyard (but MOST IMPORTANTLY we need a STABLE Lumberyard 2.0 that is going to stay the same, and NOT break our things that we create with the next version/release). It takes a very long time to create amazing/good content, and it’s frustrating when we create content and everything is always broken (with the next Lumberyard release) and many things are deprecated or changed (with each new release) and we have no “stability” (like we have “stability” with Unreal Engine) but Lumberyard is very “unstable” and drastic changes and we just don’t know what/when our things will break (because we don’t have good communication and good working relationship with the Lumberyard Developer Team).

If we develop or start working on things (like game samples), we need a COMMITMENT from the Lumberyard Developer Team to WORK WITH US, and make sure that the things we create will continue to be “supported” and NOT BROKEN in future releases. (If they are working on new functions/features then they should help us and work with us to “modify” our project files, BEFORE making the next Lumberyard Release, so that way our project sample files and vehicles, and everything we create will ALWAYS be working, and the Community will ALWAYS have “working” beautiful game project/samples and working vehicles that are always updated and current). But we just don’t know when (if ever) we will have a STABLE LUMBERYARD (this is the MOST important thing).

But see this image above, and this is what I want vehicles to look like in Lumberyard with cinematic quality vehicles, realistic suspension, and dirt, tire tracks (when you hit the gas and make “burn outs” and realistic exhaust sounds, and realistic engine sounds, mud and rain on the windshield and “dirt” on the vehicle, etc.) Also a sample “Car Wash” where you can drive your car/vehicle into the car wash and it “cleans” your car (removes all dirt) and restores it to “clean” again.

We need a “Drivable Cars: Advanced Pack - Car Damage & Destruction, Animations, and more” EXACTLY like this here (for Unreal Engine) but we need this SAME EXACT vehicle system for Lumberyard!


Once we have something EXACTLY like this for Lumberyard, then it is very easy for us to look at the “sample vehicles” (sedan, couple, van, truck, bus, taxi cab, etc.) and we can create “mods” (with new vehicles) and I can take many many of my “mods” that I have created (in the past) for Unreal Engine, and Unity, and convert many of them to Lumberyard.

Then we can start added the vehicles to the “Lumberyard Marketplace” so people can download them and use them (and the Lumberyard Community can grow/benefit from these things). But we NEED a Lumberyard Marketplace (exactly like Unreal Engine Marketplace) where we can post our content (with Complete project files).

Then we can release “compatible cars” (and “compatible vehicles”) as “add ons” that people can download from the marketplace and use in their own games/projects with Lumberyard.

This is 100% EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED for Lumberyard here:

Watch this video (above) and we need a project file EXACTLY like this, with a cinematic quality “car dealership” and “showroom” and you can select/customize vehicle (change color, change interior color, change exterior color, etc.) and also a “mechanic shop/garage” (where you can get modifications "upgraded engine, upgraded suspension, upgraded brakes, racing stripes, nitrous, etc.)

Also a “car wash” where you can bring your vehicles (when they are dirty) and you can drive your vehicle through the “car wash” and it removes the dirt (and makes the clear coat “clean” again). Just like in Unreal Engine.

ALL of these things are available in Unreal Engine (and very very easy to do in Unreal Engine) and it’s VERY VERY VERY easy for “modders” to convert their vehicles (from GTA5 to Unreal Engine), but we don’t have these same TOOLS (for converting) and we don’t have this same vehicle sample project (like the UE4 Driveable Cars: Advanced Pack) like in Unreal Engine.

Epic Games gave this away for FREE (during the month of April) and it was available (for purchase for $99 for many many years) and lots of modders have imported/converted their vehicles (from GTA5 to Unreal Engine 4) and make their assets/vehicles available in the UE4 Marketplace.

We need this same exact thing for Lumberyard! But most important we NEED a STABLE LUMBERYARD, and we need a PUBLIC ROADMAP, and we need OPEN COMMUNITY (with Lumberyard Developers that WORK TOGETHER WITH US and HELP US and make sure that our project files and tools don’t “break” with future Lumberyard releases). If the Lumberyard Developers are working on new features (that might break our project files) then we need HELP (or automatic system that will automatically update our project files automatically) with every new Lumberyard release!

But these are BIG THINGS that we NEED in Lumberyard, to help GROW our community (and help bring some of the GTA5 modders, and Unreal Engine 4 Community here to Lumberyard).

But right now, everyone has left Lumberyard and the Community is extremely small, and nobody wants to use (or help) with Lumberyard, because everything keeps breaking!

(Plus we have NO IDEA what is going on with Lumberyard, and we have been in “turmoil” for 6+ years now, and we have NO IDEA when things are going to be “STABLE” and “PRODUCTION READY” so we can have a strong “long life” engine release, like Unreal Engine).

Unreal Engine 4 has been “production ready” (and stable) since 2012 (and released publicly in 2014 under the current license model), which was great for developers and we had a very long 8+ years “stable production ready” cycle (to create content, books, tutorials, etc.)

We don’t have this same thing here at Lumberyard. We have “complete turmoil” and in 6 years everything has completely changed and every release something new is broken, and many other features are deprecated, and we have NOTHING from the Developers (ahead of time) so we can “plan” for these things. We don’t know ANYTHING (what will be deprecated or changed in the future) so it’s IMPOSSIBLE to create (or do anything) with Lumberyard, until things “stabilize”.

Which is very frustrating for the community. We want to learn, we want to create, we want to make things, but everything we do gets destroyed with each new release. We can’t even finish ONE PROJECT SAMPLE, before it is already destroyed (with the next Lumberyard release) and Lumberyard is such a mess, that most developers “give up” and walk away. (Everyone goes to Unreal Engine).

Tim Sweeney is always working (on the NEXT ENGINE) for many many years ahead of time, and he PUBLICLY TELLS US that “don’t worry” and anything we create or build in Unreal Engine 4.25 WILL 100% WORK in Unreal Engine 5!!

This is HUGE for the developer community! When we have this type of COMMITMENT (from Tim Sweeney) then we KNOW that we can create content RIGHT NOW using Unreal Engine 4.25 and it WILL WORK in Unreal Engine 5! Our project files will work in Unreal Engine 5!

We don’t have this same type of “promises” and “commitment” from the Amazon Lumberyard Developer Team.

Instead, they TELL US NOTHING!! We are left “in the dark” with “no roadmap” and NO DEVELOPER CONFERENCE and how can we even do anything with Lumberyard right now? We don’t even know the future or even what is going on? (or even WHEN!)

Tim Sweeney told ALL DEVELOPERS in 2003 that Tim Sweeney was working on UNREAL ENGINE 4!! (this was still when we were using Unreal Engine 2!!!)

At the Developers Conference in 2004, the Unreal Engine 3 was released (publicly) and Tim Sweeney was already showing us Unreal Engine 4 (that he was working on) and told us that Unreal Engine 4 was coming in 2008 (beta) and will be released in 2012 (production release).

So we KNOW 9+ years in advance what Tim Sweeney is working on! (and doing!)

Tim Sweeney gives many public interviews (and talks about it publicly) and also gives many video releases (from Unreal Engine where Tim Sweeney and Mark Rein talk about the new engine, and what is coming and WHEN, and even showing us the “demo projects” and “tech demos” many years in advance). We can SEE IT, and we KNOW what is coming.

Plus the Epic Games Developers are very “connected” in the Forums and Community and they TALK TO US, and HELP US, and even HELP US make our projects (for the NEXT ENGINE release) so that we can developer our projects (and they will work 8+ years later in the NEXT ENGINE RELEASE).

We don’t have this type of "OPENNESS’ and “TRANSPARENCY” and “COMMITMENT” from the Lumberyard Development Team.

This is the BIGGEST PROBLEM with Amazon, and why Lumberyard’s future is not very good. The Lumberyard Community is so so SMALL right now, and NOBODY will come to Lumberyard (anymore) because we got “burned” so badly over the past 6+ years (with NO COMMUNICATION from the Lumberyard Developers Team).

NOBODY tells us ANYTHING, and everything is “secret sauce” and we need to STOP the “secret sauce” and have OPENNESS and TRANSPARENCY with the developer community.

We need an annual conference Possibly even TWO conferences per year (and also available via Twitch / YouTube live stream) so we can see what is going on, and TALK TO the Amazon Development Team, and we need HONESTY and OPENNESS and NO CENSORSHIP.

We need them to talk to us, tell us what is coming, and also “help us” with our projects to make sure that our projects will work with upcoming releases, and help us with updating our projects files (so they will work with future engine releases) and also we need an AUTOMATIC UPDATER that will automatically update our project files from one release to the next release (just like Unreal Engine) and just like Microsoft Word (you can open an old document in the newest version of Microsoft Word and it automatically “converts” the document from the old format to the newest format/version of Word). We need this same exact thing “automatic conversion” so we can open a project file (from Lumberyard 1.10 or 1.12 and it will automatically work in Lumberyard 1.25 or even Lumberyard 2.0!!)

These are MAJOR things that we NEED and MUST HAVE.

We can’t develop and have everything destroyed every couple of months (every new release of Lumberyard). I do hope that the Lumberyard Development Team will start to work with us, and become a very ACTIVE PART of the Community (and work with us hand-in-hand) which is something we have NEVER had in 6+ years, and I hope this can change very soon, and I do hope we can have a STABLE PRODUCTION READY “Lumberyard 2.0” release very very soon!


Will the 2.0 engine version come out very soon? Can we expect the release of the next version in the next couple of months? It will be stable and unique?

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Hi dear @didzey
These documents and images show that you should be careful and do not use Unigine and CryEngine (viruses and spies).

Oh, my god! It looks very strange, I’m shocked by what I’ve read. it seems that the developers have poorly optimized it… It is also quite possible they collect data without the user’s demand, perhaps after installing the engine they can access the computer… I don’t know much about these things. But it’s obvious that something is wrong! I also don’t understand the reaction in the discord channel of the community. They’re just laughing. I think they should explain what happened!
I was looking at the cryengine and the Unigine. They are good, I also watched many of your videos, you are a good specialist. But I decided to choose one engine and work with it so I will stay forever with the engine Lamberyard. Of course, a lot is not ready yet, but I believe that the developers will be able to make it perfect!

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My Friend @didzey , Thank you , Iran/Russia people are so great, Trump(2020 , plus , QAnon) understands why the Russians politicians and the Chinese politicians & Iranian politicians are NOT TRUSTWORTHY (all Iranian patriots have been at war with the Russians for at least 300 years, politically, militarily and culturally , We love Dmitri Mendeleev and Anton Chekhov, I don’t mean racism)

Unigine is very dangerous for this reasons:

  1. Some of the documents I published
  2. The Russians are always trying to hack and crack European and American products(+ European People and American People)
  3. To work with Unigine, you must always be Internet online(They want to have access to your information , See photos)

But for Crytek , The Turks wanted to spy for the Turkish government with Cryengine, but the anti-viruses(some cryengine community) reported (and Don’t forget that Erdogan is a puppet of the Russians and an influence on NATO)

We are at war with demons and invisible enemies, and maybe soon ,maybe soon, A big war begins in the Middle East.

@_AhmadKarami I don’t want to talk about politics. I’m not happy with what’s going on in the world. Everyone lives as they can. Most people on the planet are good, but because of the super-rich people behind whom there is a huge power - good, ordinary people suffer. So we’re with you. That I’m Russian or you’re Iranian or whoever I am. I’m going to treat everybody the same. There’s no difference between you and me or anyone. And politics is other people’s game. We don’t have to think about politics and swear because of it

I wish there were no problems. But I can’t change anything. I’m a simple man…

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Thank you Mr @Mark.Malewski , GREAT TIPS :white_check_mark: I’m glad to work with you, It is my pleasure :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: excellent , I hope Lumberyard 2.0 (Prime Version) will be released soon , I always trust Amazon Scientifically, technically and strategically , Amazon employees are really good and personable people (But I hate Amazon’s policy of being anti-American & anti-Trump & anti-QAnon :face_vomiting: ) , Anyway, I’ll be with Amazon Lumberyard Always, Respectfully :rose: :pray: I apologize, I will not say any more political words here, but I had to, but that’s enough in here :zipper_mouth_face:

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You can hand over the video and post it on YouTube, which describes the situation to show people what they can expect when using those engines. It’s important, I think. Many people need to know these dangers

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When will we have a linux client ??? I hope the new world game has support for linux too, even if it run fine with proton/wine

Hi sharkguto,

We are looking at ways to provide more Linux support, there’s no date set for this yet but it is something on our radar.

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Well, this is certainly an interesting thread.