Help with Amazon GameLift Ue4 Client Plug-in

So, in the unreal engine plugin for the Amazon GameLift Client, I was reading their examples on github. They created a node like this:

How did they get the error message on the node: OnDescribeGameSessionStatsFailed_Event and how did they get the game session Id on the custom event: OnCreateSessionSuccess_Event.

I was also wondering what to put in the string pins on the nodes with the blue arrows I drew pointing to them. I have attached the picture. Link:

Help is appreciated. Thanks!

Can you help me with this @Pip, @YetiTechStudios

Hopefully someone who has more expertise with this client can chime in. As its a third party product we can try to be helpful, but there are probably other foruums where you may get faster/more detailed answers.

You could try reaching the author via the unreal forums or through their website

With that said, as all the code is open source you should be able to see how things are wired/should be wired.

As to your questions:

1. How did they get the errror message on the OnDescribeGameSessionStatsFailed_Event

Code gets the outcome of DescribeGameSession, if the call failed, they get the error on the outcome and from that its error message. Thats then broadcast to the the event as a string.

2. How did they get the game session id on the OnCreateSessionSuccess?

Code gets the outcome from CreateGameSession and from the outcome you can get the game session id. If the outcome says things were successful its just broadcast to the OnCreateSessionSuccess event

3. What to wire to the key/value part of Make GameLiftGameServerProperties?

This is a way of wiring up the set of key-value pairs that contain information about a game session, see and

so these should be wired up with Strings that represent the key/values your game session requires.

So I need to code the values in with C++? If so, how or can you somehow provide me with a tutorial?