hi...How can I solve this problem?lumberyard 1.27

Did you by chance enable the gem “QtForPython” on purpose? looks like its enable but missing certain modules for it to run with the engine.

If this wasnt on pupose, go to gems uncheck it then rebuild and that errors should go away

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It seems like that module is present, but lumberyard cant figure correct path to it.
Error went away for me after I copied 2 folders from inside:


But that made AssetProcessor to hangup permanently on processing:

If you remove that file completely from lumberyard dirs, and restart assetProcessor, no errors seem to popup.

Python scripts seem to work fine in the editor, the only problem is when I try to lookup available commands that window is empty, please let me know if it populates for you:

Also if this does not resolve it for you, since this gem seem to be related to pythonBindings gem, maybe you need to rebuild the editor:
Automating the Lumberyard Editor with the Python Editor Bindings gem - Lumberyard User Guide (amazon.com)
Thought I did that with:
lumberyard_install\\dev\lmbr_waf.bat" build_win_x64_vs2019_profile -p all --progress
Just FYI, since not sure if that also helped me with this problem.

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