hi...I have a problem with Skybox؟

Where does the problem come from … I do not want the lines to be clear

Hi @Itachi999 it looks like the skybox faces may no be oriented the correct way. I recommend editing your skybox and adding a debug overlay with text so you can get your skybox sides to line up correctly.

You could try following the steps in this guide: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/lumberyard/latest/userguide/sky-skyboxes-materials-creating.html

It’s also important to use the SkyBoxHDR texture settings - and the page linked above mentions the RC editor which is deprecated. Instead, use the texture settings editor - the preset for skyboxes should be in there. You can access the texture settings editor by right clicking on the skybox texture in the Asset Browser and selecting ‘Edit texture settings’

hi @petrocket I’ve done all these things, but it doesn’t work … I don’t know where the problem comes from…

hi @didzey Thanks you ,I have seen this before

Hi @Itachi999, do you see this issue with other skyboxes? Do you see the seams when you use a skybox that is all one solid color (blue)?