Hi is there a tutorial on how to do seamless world

Hi, id like to develop a huge open world, that would potentially come back to where you started, so if you drive east continuously you’d eventually end up where you started. does anyone know how to possibly do that? and how would you setup so some assets unloads when a player gets too far away.

I’m new to lumberyard, and haven’t done anything in game design in like 11 years but I’m reintroducing myself to it for personal amusement. and if i create anything decent and interesting ill probably release it. but anyway hope someone can give me the run down on how to do what I ask or at least a link to a tutorial ty.

Hi! welcome to the forums, The engine supports really big maps as it is, doing seamless worlds and big open worlds is a heavily requested feature so i suspect that they have ideas on building tools to further improve the support of the genre that will make it easier on the developer,

you already have a component (OccluderArea) where it will stop rendering things inside the given area and allows you to set a cull distance along with some other settings.