Hi . . Many beginner questions

  1. Does Lumberyard have Cryengine graphics fidelity, like Crysis 3, or better . .

  2. Does it have many tutorials, and solid tutorials

  3. Does it have visual script, and can one make entire game in that alone, is it robust

  4. What are the up-side to Lumberyard, and what are down-sides, what are it’s best features

  5. Is it good for a BEGINNER, to start learning this engine, with no game experience, or not much . .

  6. Is Lumberyard a more user-friendly Cryengine, is more support, tutorials, is it more user-friendly . .

  7. Who do you recommend Lumberyard to, a beginner, or so . .

  8. What level of games can one make in Lumberyard, AA, AAA, or AAA +, AAA ++ <3

  9. Is it difficult to learn coding in engine, is there LOT to learn materials, and videos, for new users . .

  10. Does it have solid graphics performance, like Cryengine, or is down-grade, of best graphics engine, in the world, atm, not sure . .

Thank you <3 . .

Jesper B. engineer, chem, bio-chem, DK . . .

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  1. Yes it is a Cryengine fork, although it was Cryengine 3 it still has the capabilities of all the Cryengine games.
  2. Yes the Official Amazon Lumberyard Channel on Youtube has very nice tutorials that I learned Lumberyard on.
  3. Yes it is called Script Canvas, and as far as I can see you are able to make a full game with it, very well made.
  4. Lumberyard is very well integrated with Twitch and other Amazon owned products, easy multiplayer integration, Controller support is simple, Friendly community. Downsides are a lot of things need work on like small bugs here and there, Only one update every 3 months (can be a good and bad thing depending on if you like updates all the time, but these updates are packed full of new features), For cinematics they use Cryengines Track view, but it is broken so no cinematics for Lumberyard (not a huge problem for a game developer), and the main problem is the building a project is not easy for a beginner, but people will walk you through it and this page is helpful if you read it fully when building a project
  5. I started with Cryengine a long time ago, and I will say yes because Cryengine was the hardest engine to start on, but Lumberyard Devs made Lumberyard easy to start up and go with.
  6. As like #5 yes way more user friendly and great community to help you out.
  7. I would say yes and no, if you are going to put in the time then yes it is one of my favorite engines, and a lot of fun, but Unity will always be the easiest engine to use, but it is not my or many peoples favorite because it is very limited out of the box.
  8. That is up to you, every main known game engines can make a AAA game, but if you do not put in the work it wont be AAA, this is a Cryengine fork so yes 100% AAA is possible.
  9. Script Canvas is easy to get, and LUA the other language is easy to learn with a lot of tutorials out there for it, like TheDevShop, he does tutorials for Lumberyards LUA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCgoyXBclB8&ab_channel=TheDevShop.
  10. It is like Cryengine I am not possitive if it is a downgrade for graphics performance, I would say no as long as you do what they do in Cryengine and have a lot of LODs for your objects.
    -Hope this helps you out and anyone else looking into Lumberyard :+1:

Thank you, I want to make games, and use Script canvas, only . . Can one control every aspect of engine that way, or are there limits, in the system, also thank you, looks amazing engine, love the visuals, power and, grace . . <3 :open_mouth: :open_mouth: . .

Thx . . .

No problem, I used purely SC for the game I was making, and got a working AI, Spawner, FPS Character w/ Walk, Run, and Slide Movement. A Stamina System. Working weapon shooting w/ health on enemies. These are most of what I made with SC, and no to little performance drop. (I do not know if there was a performance drop due to not using any other type of coding to mimic the same actions). It seems to be able to work perfect for a full game if you ask me.

Thanks, so much <3 . .

WOW ! :slight_smile: <3 . . .

Sad for now, you can’t really make multiplayer games with script canvas only, not all functions from C++ are exposed to Lua or Script Canvas. I tried to do some raycast with Lua and I had to learn that the required RayCast is not implemented for Lua. You have to do it in C++, or do the implementation yourself in C++ that exposes this to Lua or maybe ScriptCanvas. The Documentation is not realy a help, it gets you a start, but try to search how Multiplayer is working. You will find a short explanation that tells you you have to add a Gem and set a component to get Multiplayer running. Thats true to see an Entity move if the Host is doing something. But nowhere in Docu is mentioned that you have to use CryEngine Core functionality to create an Actor and create an Entity for that Actor in Runtime that can be Controlled by the Client. The only source for this is the outdated MultiplayerSample Source Code. And if you look closely at this sample, you will see that the goal for a Multiplayer Game can only be archived with C++.
I don’t write this to say that Lumberyard is bad, but there are big problems you will get with Lumberyard and there are many things that are not working like it should. For a little Single Player Game, it is ok to use Lumberyard, this could be done with ScriptCanvas. But for large scale very complex games, you have to be a C++ professional and be willing to modify the engine to get things working.
I was often at the point to give up on lumberyard, but something let me go on with it and try to figure out how it works and if it gets better.

You can’t do saving and loading or data manipulating in script canvas. I don’t really get involved in multiplayer but it’s probably the case that Script Canvas is not suitable for many things necessary for getting a multiplayer game going as well.

I can tell you though it’s quite frustrating that script canvas doesn’t have data manipulation or file reading/writing capabilities yet. People need to expose the SaveData gem to script canvas please.


That is something I have forgotten. You are right, you cant save data with ScriptCanvas. I think that ScriptCanvas is also missing functions to render special effects. Using DX11 Tesselation on Meshes or Terrain is not possible, as far as I know. In Unreal Engine this is possible through their Script Node System.

I have made a working saving system in script canvas. It is possible, just takes a lot of time, and is easier if all of your code is in script canvas graphs. It definitely is not its strong suite but it is possible if you put the work in. The cool thing is the way I put it together you have the possibility to implement any coding language into your project. It may get slow but the possibility is there to use C#, C++, LUA, and any other programming language you like. There just would not be a point for C++ or LUA since they are already implemented.

@WashedUpStudios this is great. if you would be so kind to tell us the node you used to persist the date. I searched the existing nodes and found no node that would be capable of writing data to any storage system.

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Well all the data that is going to be saved is written in strings. This process allows it to be called back on and it will be one huge string that can recall all of the items you had when you “saved”. I really do not know how to explain it, but it does not have an exact node the writes it. Maybe what you are talking about is the Script Event I put all the string data in? Not exactly sure how it ends up working, I just started putting nodes together until it worked like I wanted it to. If anything they should make a physical node that writes data and can be called back on. A lot less work is needed at that point.

I’m curious if you’d be willing to share this with the community? I’d be happy to feature your video on our channel, as it seems like this is something that would help us all out, myself included. Happy to chat offline and learn from you and record a video and give you credit for showing us how it is done.

I have been digging through a lot of my old projects, and I thought I found the one I used this idea on, but half of the script is missing? Did any networking stuff get taken out of SC? I used networking to send the string info over to a file, but it seems to be gone. Not exactly sure the method I used it was a while back, I am trying to replicate it but not much luck just yet. I am going to keep trying to figure it out though. Will post again if I can figure this thing out. Sorry I cannot share it with the community as of now.

how do you write the data to the hard disk?

I would strongly advise you not to start with Lumberyard if you are a beginner to game development. For a start, it is still in beta, and still with many issues.

Essentially, Amazon is making the engine available on the side as it develops it for its own games. There is nothing like the same level of commitment to the engine itself as a consumer product that you get with Unity or Unreal.

Lumberyard could be an interesting option for larger projects with the engineering resources to solve problems themselves, but for an absolute beginner I think it would be a very poor choice. I would recommend Unity or Godot, which have vastly greater resources, learning materials and communities around them.

If your main interest is in visual scripting, Unreal wins hands down. But the drawback is that it’s a bit more complex and unintuitive overall.

I did not fully make it a while back. I worked with a few people on a side project that never got finished and there was a network node that would write our strings to a txt file. It might have been a premade node one of the other guys made and that is what I am thinking of. I was trying to recreate it, but could not find that one node I needed so I do not think it was a default LY node. There really should be one though, since I did use one in I think it was 1.17 or 1.16, besides the point if a random guy I was working with could make a quick node that worked alright with a few performance hits, the devs should put one in just for time being even if it is not huge for performance just so there is something for the community.

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I think this was a custom node made for the project. I found no node that write data. So current state is, you can’t save your game state with Lua or ScriptCanvas.