hi...What is the problem? I have trouble creating a project

system specification
windows 10 1903
gtx 1660 gaming oc 6g
cpu i5.9400f

lmbr_create.log (788.7 KB)

It could be not having all the gems/dependencies some gems need. After it said build failed did you click on view log? It usually will tell you if you are missing some gems that are needed to build for your project.

The relevant issue is at the end of the log you sent:
> GameExporter.cpp

  c:\Amazon\dev\Code\CryEngine\CryCommon\ILevelSystem.h(94): error C2220: the following warning is treated as an error
  c:\Amazon\dev\Code\CryEngine\CryCommon\ILevelSystem.h(94): warning C5208: unnamed class used in typedef name cannot declare members other than non-static data members, member enumerations, or member classes
  c:\Amazon\dev\Code\CryEngine\CryCommon\ILevelSystem.h(94): note: to simplify migration, consider the temporary use of /Wv:18 flag with the version of the compiler with which you used to build without warnings

You’ll have to open ILevelSystem.h and fix the code error for your project to be compiled.

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@Cya.Sid Thanks for your help…
I did, but there’s another problem for me
Can you help؟
lmbr_create2.txt (3.8 KB)