HOrrible Performance +work around


My current scene is 90% terrain, with camera setup for player through input manager & scrupt canvas, along with TOD and sun positin, lastly with GI lighting, thats about it-not sure how much of a perf HIT it is but its 4096 x 1 and 25bit terrain.

I pointed editor camera away from terrain center alot of scultping has gone on, and where there is nothing but water ( how does on stop water from being visible, even if I uncheck it, its sill there ), and I open input manager to add camera rotation/speed, and it takes a whole minute to load just that interface, and another minute to close it…THen once I rotated back to middle of terrain I had lost mouse moving, and hitting escape made no difference.

Either this is putting LY in a not best light as far as performance problems or I"ve got some setting way off.

I do not have a huge ocean going on in ue4 but short of that my performance doesn’t degrade at all no matter what I do there, so I"m scratching my head there.

If its just a 'beta’thing, I"ll exist quietly and wait for a more stable release.

Any ideas appreciated but I can’t take much more of this instability- I"m losing time and energy.

I guess I could it being my entire fault IF I had a dual core or something, and while my rig is not the tops, its no slouch @ i5-3570 gtx 950 2gb 8gb ram–I"m sure the ram is the weak link but overall its enough to fly in ue4 with a very complex terrain and several water textures,my fps with all that eventhere can go around 35-85 depwhere camera is, but I never GRIND to a hault when opening ANYthing ;)(


I’ll give that a whirl, making it much smaller would be better, as I kinda need it there for my world creation process.

Are there plans if it can’t atm, to make it more modular so you use what you need ? I can make lakes unending and a ocean or two in ue4,it sure helps with frames.


I didn’t want to EDIT my other post and have it missed so I"m just adding a new one;

Thereis no ‘remove ocean’ in 1.15, dunno when it was still there but its gone.

If so I think thats a real mistake, as the ocean is HUGE and I have no idea how well its LOD’d the further away you get,I think forcing a ocean always on is really bad design, why was that decided on or too late to fix in 1.15 ?

Anyway its not there, was this on purpose ?

Maybe a ‘warning’ about some of these things was in order, and maybe if you had made oceans ‘placeable’ instead of the whole giant thing forced, then as in UE4, here in LY the frames would be nearly on par.

Yes one can lower down to mobile ( never doing that , but ty poster), low is not on my radar , but I did try it

I’m really sorry to keep bringing unrealengine into this, as I know the two engines are different,and LY IS IN BETA, I"ve stated that I get that, many times.

I had ‘no idea’ going into this how much that seems to matter.

When I use ‘auto’ in ue4 it chooses HI settings, not cinematic but high , hence my surprise as one would imagine.

We should have been warned about these things, unless there are ‘notes’ about such things in some release notes,just point me to it and I"ll have a peek.

IF, I could have ‘removed ocean’, that would be a drastic improvement, I"m rather sure. I"d think about going back to 1.14 I guess but thats a backwards direction now.



Do you know at what point during your creation process the performance went south? That could really help me to help you! Can you explain to me what you mean by a 25bit terrain? I think you mean you are using a 24bit image for the heightmap.

Does your performance tank when looking at the terrain only? After making modifications to the terrain texture layers, make certain to also Generate Terrain Texture Layers.

I have not experienced the issues that you have been describing lately. So, its possible it is something on your machine, or something that you changed in Lumberyard? Is it possible for you to upgrade to 16GB of ram?

Lastly, are you running any antivirus software in the background? That might affect your performance.

Can you make a video of the issue?

I don’t even have a ocean but unable to turn it on. I upgraded to new version today. And cannot find ocean button or roll up bar.

All I"m doing when it gets horrible laggy, is trying to edit Jack’s ( player slice) inputmanger stuff, so I can get rotation more ‘stable’ on playerslice, where atm its very non stable,rotating mouse in game during play and its too difficult to keep entire scene steady if you will…best way I can explain it.

24 bit yes sorry LOL

Someone else here, or was that you, helped me make sure to look away from terrain while generating terrain texture, and that did help alot yes, so that problem was solved.

Only anti-virus is Microsofts out of box stuff but I think it only runs when computer is ‘idle’,which I’m not when running LY.

I have no access to more ram, but I’d look at getting more, IF I knew what the bottleneck was.

I realize this is beta, most of it works just fine, but these little things like this are causing great frustration .

As I asked, is it not possible to turn the ocean OFF, I suspect that could be some of it,BUT I sincerely doubt it,With the terrain and water and GI all on, I can get around scene with zero issues.the only thing so far in keeping with subject of this post, is the Going into inputmanager which is child of playerslice, and clicking on lua editor ( looks like joystick) and tryng to open the input file for Jack to try and get the mouse smoother on rotation ( on rotation during play, the player is basically fine, but as I rotate with mouse the terrain goes by far too fast and unstable to 'choose where I want to go, etc.

Btw for now I"m not worried about that as I could likely fix that in Jack’s input file via lua editor,its getting TO Jack’s lua editor to edit it…getting TO the file takes a entire minute just to load a VERY simple lua file ( all text, nothing complicated as you know) and once I see the UI come up, I try to open and that takes at least another minute to get to that point, and yesterday, as I noted, it crashed entirely taking down LY with it.

I could do a video but its going to make getting TO the lua file harder with the video grab running in the background.

You can turn the ocean off. And it helps with some frames. Tutorial Here.


Also for some reason I have this issue when ever i edit a lua script and save it. Then go back to the editor. It gives me some issues. If I don’t either restart lumberyard or wait about 20 minutes. The script is not updated or behaves in a weird way in functionality in play mode or in editor. Like dose not function properly on random scripts. Sometimes it just drops the frames to zero in the editor then crashes. Or messes with the entity component system properties. Where I can add edit or do anything with it. My fix to thats was to restart lumberyard every time i edited a script and everything went fine.

There is another way to lower frames I use when editing my level when i’m using Designer tool. If you go to Edit/Editor Settings/Graphics Performance << and choose a lower platform like mobile, or low pc it boosts the fps.

OMG I can’t believe I missed it- I"M not used to seeing ‘outliner’ in
left view, as the months I"ve used a different engine its on far right…in any event you can’t remove ocean,but you can turn it OFF in the viewport, by going to outliner,again on the far left, and clicking on what looks like white outline of a small eye, and the ocean goes away
or at least hides so the frames here went roughly 8 or so higher,for now I"m just going to leave it off while I do other things,work around it.

HOpe that helps you, let me know.

I’m staying on middle PC perf. see how it goes, given using LOW doesn’t have any effect on window ‘sliders’ ( expand outliner for example to right), as they are still extremely sluggish to move…in LY defense it is still in beta, and I suspect that the 'UI" is far from optimized , given above facts.

HI Steve, lowering to low is prob. saving a few frames, but I’m not seeing much help for editing lua , still giving , not responding frequently, although so far at least its not crashing…I hope some answers are forth coming about why oceans is forced on,surprising that I was sent a youtube url to remove it, but gone in 1.15. Seems many changes are up in the air or people aren’t talking to each other :wink:

try switching to mobile platform. Way faster then switch back when you build.

I don’t think they work on the weekends. So maby tommorow.

Interesting Steve, ty so much for trying to help with my woes :slight_smile:

I’m not convinced given current answers that aren’t even correct, but its beta to be expected on some level, if not very disappointing.

TY for taking the time to help out !

Not sure if this is related, but I get some weird results if I don’t have total illumination enabled. My framerate goes up close to 200, then everything gets choppy and unplayable(seems like it would have the opposite effect if framerates are increasing).

Hello @cajunctionAI and @steveH

You can definitely remove the ocean. Please first enable the Water Gem. You will need to do a quick build of Lumberyard since this Gem contains code. Once this Gem is built, open up your level. You will notice that your ocean is now gone.

When enabled, the Water Gem turns the ocean into a Component Entity. If you want to bring the ocean back, simply follow these steps:

  1. Right-click in your scene
  2. Create entity
  3. Add the component Infinite Ocean
    Here is the documentation that you asked for:


Have a good weekend!

Wow , ya those indeed aren’t what one would expect- maybe like with games & hardware we are seeing something similar here, but I’d not expect that necessarily.

TY for input maybe devs can post here and clue us in.


We’re in day two, are the current available devs who are tasked with forums strained I wonder…have you heard anything ?

I have no idea how many 'curren’t questions there are and I"m too busy to look, but I wonder, if we don’t use @whomever, do they know there ARE new posts, and if they do, on what availability are the coders, to them, that could answer these questions –

Very disappointed, I was hoping for any bit of information about why so many are seeing performance problems…had to uninstall and it will stay that way until we see some reasons- I was low on ssd space anyway but not hearing made my decision easier…we all get its beta, but some answers are more important than others.


or anyone else…

Now many times does someone have to practically beg, to get an answer around here on important , performant issues ? Its not just me asking. THere is no excuse, for a ‘company’ who wants to be taken seriously to have such huge flaws in performance.

If somebody would have the decency to at least come here and say ya, its a bug, its beta- we’d be OK fine, work around it.

Dev’s cant’ expect people to willingly deal with , a wonderful engine, with such horrific flaws.

Did my best to be patient , but this is nonsense.

Other engines do similar things, ue4 does, but two wrongs do not make a right.

I uninstalled LY a week or so ago and I can’t allow myself to touch it until I know the status of this,possible performance issue, that many of us are experiencing…unity works great, ue4 is amazing, so LY , beta or not, should too. I"d be fine, most would, IF we just had something said, about this topic. Silence is unacceptable and unfair.