Host 3rd party dedicated server with GameLift

Hello everyone!

I am new to GameLift and AWS, however I would like to host dedicated servers (30-50 instance) of a 3rd party developed (professional) Racing Simulation called Rfactor 2 . The game client itself is available on steam, however the dedicated server is free to download as 99% of the dedicated servers are hosted privately by the league owners. Can you please help me out if this can be achieved with GameLift, or we need to go with AWS only ? Since this is a 3rd party game, I can only develop scripts that starts the dedicated server(s) and upload new contents such as cars/tracks and events that define what car(s)/track(s) combo is available in that particular dedicated server instance.

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@Geoff can you please help me out ? Thank you

Hey Gergely,

it would be possible to do this with GameLift, but you would need to write some code to proxy between the Rfactor process and GameLift. Depending on how the Rfactor server is set up, you’ll need to decide if it’s easier to go with GameLift, or to just use raw EC2 instances.

GameLift requires game servers to integrate the GameLift server SDK, and respond to several commands, like StartGameSession and health check commands. GameLift also monitors the processes it starts to ensure they continue running. For your situation, you would write a small proxy process that would integrate the GameLift SDK. GameLift will start your proxy process, and your proxy process can start the Rfactor game process. Your proxy process is what will integrate the GameLift server SDK, and respond to commands like StartGameSession and health checks. Your proxy process must continue running while the game server is running.

Does that help?

Hey @G_KAK If you license RFactor2 and create your own Leagues, cars, skins, tracks etc we can host it for you on our Platform as a Service which includes Enterprise Storage, Compute, AWS Direct Connect in 200 Countries (starting with Aus). You dev the game and run GameLift. I’m a veteran SIM racer and have raced on RFactor since the start, it’s what the F1 Teams use. I can help you with the dev too. Think AI…

get in touch mate, would love to talk


I would love any help I could get on how to host rfactor, so me and few friends can race around. Many thanks in advance