How ato apply images/textues on to spheres

I am unable to get to image of the Earth onto the model I made in blender.

In the 2nd picture you can see the model and texture that loads in the fbx file

In the third picture is the material editor is a picture of what I am trying to apply.

I do not much care if I use the blender model or if lumberyard has spheres I can use.

I have tried to make a sphere in lumberyard using the designer tool however the sphere does not come out smooth and when I try to apply the material it comes out like this. hundreds all over and it is a 5400 x 2700 pixel image.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


In Blender, you will need to apply UVs to the surface of your sphere first. Did you figure out a solution yet?

I did,

I went online and found a simple sphere to download for free, and in doing so realized I probably could have just made a basic sphere and uploaded it.

I then applied to image to the sphere and it worked.

I will look in to the UV’s for the next one.