How can I change editor config (Graphics Performance setting) without booting lumberyard?


I started to use lumberyard these days, so I tried to find good settings for development phase.

But… lumberyard crashed including OS reboot after changed Editor Settings Menu / Graphics Performance setting to Android. I guess this causes crash. I also noticed GPU fun spins up for default (PC-High or Very High) setting.

And I tried to launch lumberyard again, it stops launch at “initializing CryRender D3D11…”

(I saw “android” in editor.log last part, so last change is done, I guess)

So I wanted to change some config without booting lumberyard,

I already gave up to find config file, and tried to uninstall lumberyard. (to clean install again)

So, I want to know the way to change config as a knowledge (for next time trouble shooting)

Just for information / feedback:

Uninstall process does not work well, 2 similar process runs and takes 10 or more minutes, and left many files. (around 4GB or more.)

NB: dev/Cache/SamplesProject/pc/user/log/editor.log became 3.7GB after uninstall. (and can’t open)