How can i create blink light with Flow Graph?

How can i create blink light with Flow Graph ?

I learn this tuts

There is simple example with Flow Graph scripting about Trigger area + light on/off, but this example not about some thing repeating every time with delay.

I have one light for test scripting with FG, and i want to add bliking for this light, how can i do this?

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The best way to creat blink light is via RolupBar > Object > Entity > Light entity.

Once you drop light in the scene, In Entity properties > Style > LightStyle ( Valid values are 0-48)

Please Try value 5, you would see the light blinking base on what is the animation style you setup.

Then you can trigger it on/of from FlowGraph or even different LightStyle you want.

Hey @GoogleBot That’s a great question. Flow graph is a flexible tool for designing light behaviors. Here’s an image showing how you can create a repeating, blinking light. It’s true that you can also use the built in lightstyle as suggested by @Datouwan, if you are happy with the built-in presets. The benefit of the lightstyle presets are that you can see them in editor, whereas flow graphs have to be evaluated in the game to see the output.

You can set light values directly on the light entity node, but I prefer to externalize the data, because I’ll probably be doing other operations on those values, before they go to the light. I didn’t externalize the “time” parameter on the Interp Float node, but you could do that as well.

In this example, I’ve put a flow graph on the light entity, but you can also create a flow graph entity and call any lights you want in a graph on that entity.