How can i create tornado

Hello how can I create a tornado in this video game engine

there are several ways. You can make a 3D model and apply a texture that will move along the x-axis or you can do it using the particle system

There’s an example tornado in the Starter Game particle library I believe.

Thanks for your help, can you send me a video or photos

Like with most things several different ways you can approach this problem but the solution comes down to the purpose of the tornado. Is the Tornado it just for looks? If so then I would probably focus on art, particles, and shaders for the solution. Or do you want the tornado to be physically simulated and interact with rigid bodies and players? If you are looking to simulate one then I would start with playing around with force region component.

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I was playing with sky cloud component, and a cloud kind of looked like a tornado, I adjusted it a little and added rotation and translation in Script Canvas:

Fps dropped from 100 to 2 while its moving though, so that would need to be looked at, there is no performance problems when AutoMove in the component itself is used, so its likely can be made to work properly, but otherwise its a quick and easy way to make one.
To get a cone shape, I added 2 children entities with box components in T shape and then regenerated clouds:


Hello how are you? can you send me a screenshot so I can learn easier

More info on that component:
Sky Cloud - Lumberyard User Guide (

This tutorial shows how to move and rotatate:
Bind Tank Movement Controls with Script Canvas in Amazon’s Lumberyard - YouTube

Here is screenshot of my setup that I think captures most of it:

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Sorry i am not an expert but maybe you can get some idea from this
Houdini - Tornado Breakdown on Vimeo

So you can make it in 3 parts …the cone shape can be a mesh …you can also add particles to enhance it a bit and give it some smoky swirls. And at the bottom another piece for the ground force debris flying around. When you try to make these things…its better to make them in parts.

The other idea is creating a rig like this
Tornado Rig on Vimeo