How can I get Lumberyard use microsoft visual studio 2015

Hi @MSilviu,

We’re always working on updating Lumberyard to use the latest tools and technologies. For this beta release Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 is the supported IDE (from the release notes). You can download the free Microsoft Visual 2013 Community edition and use it to develop until the newer version is supported.

Hi @MSilviu

I think this forum post may help you

I have a deeper problem. I installed vs2015 and vs2013 (in that order).

So, I have 2013, but lumberyard still won’t detect it.

It seems that I cannot execute “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\VC\vcvarshall.bat x64” for 2013 (the error SEEMS to be because of parenthesis in the path, or at least google searches indicate this to be the problem). I suspect there’s some kind of conflict.

For other reasons, I MUST have both versions on my machine, but now I can’t do anything with Lumberyard.


hello everyone

i installed Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise on my pc desktop,windows 10-64bit,

lumberyard version :1.0.2

but i changed user_settings.options file by setting msvs_version = 14


default_settings file by msvs_version = 14

I Tried A lot

DO NOT WORK Lumberyard with Visual Studio 2015


there should really be a note in the installer NOT to install anything other than VS 2013, it just says it requires VS 2013 update 4 or later… VS 2015 would fall into the “later” definition.

Great point. I will send that note to the installer/documentation team. This issue should be going away soon as we will be adding 2015 support in the next couple of updates.

I’ve been seeing this same question pop up over and over again. Why is it taking so long to add support for the latest development tools? When will we see support for Visual Studio 2017, and why is it taking so long to implement? Also what about support for 3ds Max 2018, 3ds Max 2017, and Maya 2018, and Maya 2017? It seems like development tools are REALLY lagging behind (2-4+ years) and I really wish that Lumberyard Dev Team would REALLY take development tools seriously, and please focus on getting Lumberyard “up to date” with the most current development tools, it would really help out developers!