How can I separate my code and resources?

@Castor I created a project and want to separate my code and resources,The purpose is to isolate the artist from the code.What should I Do?


To separate the art assets from the code, only place the art assets into folders such as the ones named Materials, Objects, Sounds, Textures. The folder structure of the SamplesProject or StarterGame should give you pretty clear examples of how things are organized. Examine these to get a more concise idea.

I would only place assets that Lumberyard can consume into the folders mentioned above. These types of assets might include: .fbx files, .tif files, etc.

The source art assets (.ma, .max, .psd, etc.) should be placed outside of your project. These files can be very large. If they are placed outside the project and your project is using source control, only the artists will have to sync to this content.