how disable lua breakpoint on warnings.

I have some code that in game doesn’t generate warnings but generates them in physic enable due to missing ui canvas.

On these warnings an invisible and unwanted breakpoint is generated and you cannot disable it(creating and destroying a breakpoint on the same line temporarly fix it).

Can this behaviour be turned off?

Great question. Let me see if I can find out for you.

	GuiTest = {
Properties = {},
OnActivate = function(self)
self.uiCanvasLuaProxy = UiCanvasLuaProxy()
self.ui = self.uiCanvasLuaProxy:LoadCanvas("Gui/CanvasTest.uicanvas")
self.uiNotification = UiCanvasNotificationLuaProxy()
self.uiNotificationHandler = UiCanvasNotificationLuaBus.Connect(self,self.ui)
OnDeactivate = function(self)
return GuiTest

this is the bare minimum to make the breakpoint happen on deactivate on the unloadcanvas line.

There isn’t a canvas to unload as in physic simulation it didn’t get loaded so I get a warning and the breakpoint.

Maybe you have to delete notification bus connect as I deleted the function to post the script in the forum.

Hi @Gamely! Would you mind providing specific steps for us to reproduce this issue? It sounds more like a bug that we need to fix. Also, corresponding error logs would be helpful. Thanks!