How do I get a texture into Lumberyard and map it to an FBX Model from Blender?

Cowabunga dudes. I am attempting to load a model I created in Blender into my lumberyard project. I have managed to get the geometry into lumberyard using the FBX Importer (Preview). This was a positive moment in my gamedev career. However, the model is plain yellow with no texture. I understand that I need to manually map the texture to the model in Lumberyard. My question is: how do I get the texture into Lumberyard?

I created the textures in GIMP and exported them as PNG files. I UV mapped them to the models in Blender. Do I need to get these PNG images into Lumberyard? Do I need to save them as different file format before loading them in? Where in my project should I put them?

I’ve seen some other topics that seem to touch on this, but the bit about actually getting the textures into lumberyard are not described. Would really appreciate some specific instructions for how to do this, as I’m a bit stuck at the moment.


Hey @orlando_scram,

Sorry that it’s a bit confusing about what we mean in regards to getting your textures into Lumberyard. PNG format is fine, all we mean by “putting your textures into Lumberyard” is that the PNG needs to live somewhere in your Lumberyard Project. For example, if you’re working out of SamplesProject, you could place your texture under …SamplesProject\Objects\TestAsset\textures\texture.PNG . As long as the textures is somewhere under your project directory, you can map it to your material. Hope that helps!

Hi@Ajia thanks for the reply but I can’t figure this
out. In the pic, on the left shows the list of textures I get in the materials
editor. On the right are the textures I have the the file. ‘copter.png’ is the
one I want, but it doesn’t show in the materials editor. In general - the materials editor doesn’t seem to 100% correspond to the files in the sampleproject. Any guidance from here would be great - many thanks

Hi @Ajia I got it working, many thanks. Simple once you know how - cheerio

Hey @orlando_scram,

Sorry for the confusion, let me try and clear up what you’re seeing.What you’re looking at on the left in the Material Editor is actually just the list of materials. Textures do not get listed here, only materials, so this is expected behavior. When you have a material selected, you will need to go to the Texture Maps settings for the material in order to manually assign your textures by clicking on the “…” button next to the texture map channel to pop up a file dialog window to let you find your texture files. Take a look at the screenshot below.

You can also refer to the Getting Started - Materials tutorial to give you more general information on materials and the Material Editor, which may be a good starting point for you as well.

Let me know if that clears things up for you!