How do I hide the info window in a prebuilt assembly?

How do I hide the info window in a prebuilt assembly (Export to Engine)?

I don’t need it to be visible to an ordinary player, because there is no point in that. And also, is it possible to leave only the FPS visibility and how to regulate it? I want to make sure that by pressing some keyboard key, you can show and hide the FPS value
maybe there is some kind of console variable …

I’m thinking if u toggle the ! button to clear the screen of the output it should not show up in the build. and as far as fps go if the game is going to be on steam, steam has the option to turn on fps.

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this does not work

I read on here a long time ago that the solution was to do what I posted. Maybe if u go digging into your .cfg files u can change a variable to turn it off. I’m at work so can’t look. Maybe it’s something silly like you needed to save project before exporting to commit the change.

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Thank you for your help! I found information in the documentation.
There are many console variables, but the one that disables the window is

r_DisplayInfo 0