How do I import geometry caches?

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(translate) (For modeling use blender 3d, for the export maya) Hello, I take care of the export models and animations from Speedtree in May. Animations are exported in the form of geometric cache * .mc (xml). Export model occurs normally, but when you export the animation gives an error (Animation animationExport root node is empty.), As the cache does not contain the geometric joints. How do I export geometry cache engine through maya? Or how to import geometry caches in Lumberyard? Advance many thanks … best regards.

Hello @Vortex333,

Thanks for your question. You are likely to run into some confusion here because the term ‘Geometry Cache’ is also used within Lumberyard. It is an entity type within the Editor, also known as a Geom Cache, which reads in a proprietary, compressed file format that is generated from Alembic Cache files.

Reading your use case, it seems to me that you could export your Maya geometry as a static mesh. This might be more straight forward that an Alembic Cache (you can do either though). The Alembic Cache method is described on the page referenced by @Ajia. For Static meshes, please follow these instuctions: Exporting Static Meshes.

Hey @Vortex333,

Just to clarify, it sounds like you were successful in having your model and animation from Speedtree load correctly in Maya, and now you want to do a Geometry/Alembic Cache export to Lumberyard. Have you looked at our documentation yet for Exporting an Alembic Cache using Maya? Let me know if that helps or not.

Yes indeed it works. Animation is exported. It remains to understand how to apply materials to Alembic and do not cross-through. Thank you.

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Thank you for the answers

I just exported SpeedTree model fbx/mc format. I import this model in Maya and exported from Maya Alembic cashe. Then imported the cache engine.