How do I load the Game Starter from the download page.

I want to try the Starter Game that was mentioned here

I followed the instructions, download and copy the dev folder to my existing LY using version 1.15.

After the copy completed, the LY produces an error not able to process, ending up LY not working.

I have to re-install LY v1.15 so I can use it again.

Any tips on how to get it done. I need to check the new environment and other features such as grenade, etc.

Let me know.

Thank you,


with 1.15, the starter game gem is preloaded with your engine download. just install 1.15 and install all the necessary components, once thats done open up the project configurator and choose starter game as your default project and open the editor and you will have the starter game’s latest version at your fingertips.