How do I make an entity table re-sizable from entity inspector?


When using LUA I can define a table in properties using…

Properties =


Test = { default = {"","","",}},


… and this will give me the option of adding to and subtracting from that table in the editor’s entity inspector panel using the + symbol.


However, if I try to do this for a table of entities using…

Properties =


Test = { default = {EntityId(),EntityId(),EntityId(),}},


… the + symbol is not available.


Is there a different method for achieving this?



I’m encountering this issue too - any chance this could be looked into please @Binky_LY?

Hey @Ed and @AlexKane, I’ve checked in with our team about this and they’ve confirmed that it’s a bug. We’ll keep you posted one the fix release and sorry for the troubles!