How do I make the terrain an orb instead of a plane?

Basically I want to make a miniature simulated planet. How do I go about making the terrain an orb/globe?

Good morning @Kuroyuki,

We do have some great tools for manipulating the terrain, allowing you to paint steep grades and mold an Earthly terrain. As far as creating a planet, though, this would be better suited by bringing in a FBX file from a DCC package, such as, Maya or 3Ds Max. We do truly appreciate you checking out Lumberyard though and I will ensure our product team sees your question so it can be discussed as we continue development of the engine.



So I need to get rid of the terrain that a level starts with, and then create an object to replace it?

CiG studios, creating Star Citizen, uses planets and moons in their game. I am aware that they moved over their CryEngine files to lumberyard and you currently do not have a way to make planets. But are there plans to make that available. I would much prefer to use lumberyard for the majority of my projects and not have to use other programs to accomplish what I need. Pretty sure CiG would like to have that available as well.