How do I properly export 3D actors and animations from Maya 2017/2018 to Lumbyard?

I cannot for the life of me, figure out how to export Actors and Animations from Maya 2017 or 2018 to Lumberyard without seeing major deformations. What are the proper steps for exporting to lumberyard.

Here are the steps I take:

1. I download the Lumberyard Characters provided by Amazon from here:

2. I load up “” into Maya 2017.


3. Then using the “best practices” settings from the lumberyard documentation, I export the model. (
Note: that I realize that there is already an Actor FBX file for ‘rin’ included in the Lumberyard Characters zip file. These steps are however being taken for sake of a proof of concept for exporting models from Maya to LY.

4. I load up the actor into lumberyard, and as you can see the arms and the face are completely missing.

Given that I can’t even load the actor fbx files properly, I’m going to forgo describing the steps I take for exporting and importing the animations, as the side-effects are naturally even worse.

What am I doing wrong? Are the LY Character files broken or are there steps missing in the documentation to properly export these models?

could it be a material order thing where the order of submaterials got messed up? like parts of Rin having a Nodraw Physics proxy material on her now? Is that yellow compiling texture notification on her body going away?

The yellow is just the default “no material found” side-effect. That’s normal until the materials are added. The face and arm meshes are missing or distorted. We should be seeing the entire model as yellow, but only see half of it.


Are you still having issues with the file? Did you happen to read the documentation here:

Let me know if you have it working!

I have. Is there something specific in that doc that I’m simply glancing over?

As mentioned in the original post, I followed the latest documentation here for exporting an FBX:

However, following those directions leads to deformation of the import. My suspicion is there is missing information in the documentation.