How do I quickly update a dedicated server?


I’m investigating how to reduce time to update a dedicated server on a fleet because updating a client is faster then activating a dedicated server on a fleet for development. So players wait for a couple of minutes to activate a fleet.

I don’t want to create another fleet and push another dedicated server to the fleet. I want to keep a fleet and update a dedicated server with pak files on the fleet. I don’t care of an image in Builds on GameLift.

Is there a way to update a dedicated server on a fleet without creating another fleet?

If an image in Builds is able to be modified, it would be nice.

I’m looking for a faster way to update a dedicated server.

In addition, I’ll use the way only for development.

Any idea is appreciated.

Unfortunately builds are immutable in GameLift. Each new build requires a new fleet. This is why queues and aliases exist so you can modify the fleets without requiring an update to your clients.

You can obviously modify your servers to have some form of dynamic content (ie load scripts or change logic based on some modifiable condition)

The only current alternative is to use GameLift Realtime where you can modify the server scripts live on the server. But Realtime doesn’t work for a lot of multiplayer games due to high amount of logic/data replication they require.

Dedicated servers using UE4 have to be terminated to update an executable file and pak files but FlexMatch immediately launches dedicated servers when they are terminated.

That is an issue that I have.

Is there a way to stop launching dedicated servers by FlexMatch for a while to update the dedicated server?