How do we setup Auto Scaling of our Fleet?

When we try, we see a message “Request for 2 c4.xlarge maximum EC2 instances exceeds the limit of 1 available.” like the picture below.


Another picture below, shows “Scaling” tab in Fleet information.


So how can we change the numbers? and what are criteria of auto-scaling up?

Go to Amazon GameLift -> Service Limits. It should show your current usage and and limits for EC2 instance types

  1. Look at whats allocated to fleets. Do you have enough to scale up?
  2. If not, release capacity
  3. If you can’t release capacity then file a support issue for a limit increase in the region(s) and for the instance types required
  4. If yes, then your account may be restricted (if its a new AWS account); by default you should have access to 15
  5. Cut a support issue for a limit increase for region(s) and instances. GameLift will then work with you and AWS support to unrestrict accouunt.