How do we setup SNS Topic for Matchmaking?

Hi everyone

I’m not sure I can post this question here. However, it’s related to Matchmaking. So I hope I’m not posting in the wrong place.

I’m figuring out how SNS Topic for Matchmaking works and how I set up it for Matchmaking. I followed “Set up FlexMatch Event Notification”. But I have no idea where I can get messages from the SNS Topic and I don’t know whether I exactly set up the SNS Topic. Now I’m using Polling through DescribeMatchmaking() on Lambda to track status of a ticket id. However, I prefer using SNS Topic rather than using Polling because the SNS Topic is more efficient.

Any hints are appreciated.

You need something to register to the SNS topic once its configured. You can connect a Lambda or SQS queue ( to the topic to begin message handling.