How do you get organized (data, resources, assets, scripts, slices)?

Hey world,
I’m working on a tutorial that just deep dives into organizing your project and structuring your folders for the type of project that you’re working on.
I’d like to poll the 'yard and make sure I’m not leaving anything out that maybe useful for what you’re specifically working on. Please chime in.

The way I’m thinking of approaching this are by discussing:

  • organizing your folders/levels depending on your type of game whether its open world, level based
  • structuring your content for DLC
  • where to keep your slices, scripts, actors, textures, materials, meshes, motions
  • call out using layers to organize your entity outliner

That’s what I’ve got so far. So anything I’m missing? Anything I should prioritize?

The way I do it for anything I make, I start with adding every folder I will need even before getting into the editor. As soon as the project is built I go straight to the project folder and start adding well everything you said like levels, textures, materials, meshes, motions, scripts, but I also add a couple inside each folder if you don’t do that. Like in Materials I add new folders before like Nature , Man made , and Decals. Just my preferences you may not like to add extra folders until you need them, but I feel it gets pretty helpful in the long run. Thx for reading :smile:

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Hi @JKingpin, the directory tree what I’m use most of times it’s just default tree from starter game.
You just better do not forget metion in your video about:
wwise project folder, and where ACE tool expect to see AudioTrigger lib to work with it.
sure need mentioned about Scripts directory with major subfolders (for instance Scripts/AI/Navigation.xml)
also about Lib dir with subfolders ( for instance MaterialEffects\FXLibs)

because most of them do not exist, when new projects are creates, but in same time legacy stuff still use them

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