How do you import an object to work as a vehicle?

What steps should be taken to import an object so that it can be used as a vehicle?

Hello @klwb80,

Currently, Lumberyard’s vehicle solution is available by
installing the optional Legacy Game Sample, which be downloaded here. In it, you will find examples of multiple types of vehicles. If you would like assistance in doing this, please let us know
and we’ll be happy to help.

Thanks again for your interest in Lumberyard and please
let us know if you have an more questions.

I’ve downloaded the Sample, is it possible to change the model of the speedboat to a boat of my choosing? I don’t see any option there to pick another file to replace the speedboat

I’ve managed to change the model but when I place the speedboat in my own level it basically jitters or bounces into the sky, is there something I’m doing wrong there? I just put the speedboat in the ocean