How do you remove a GEM

I added the InputManagementFramework GEM using the Project Configurator. Then I decided not to use it. I removed it using the Project Configurator. I ran lmbr_waf configure and rebuilt the solution. Yet when I run our project I get an error that it can’t initialize because it can’t find the InputManagementFramework that I removed: “Gem.InputManagementFramework is missing from the current app descriptor for this project. … Failed to initialize Gems.”. What else do I need to do?



Hey @Mike_Lytle – Welcome to the Lumberyard Community!

Much apologies for the troubles here – this is beyond my scope of knowledge at the moment. Let me get some assistance on the matter from our techs :smiley:

Stay tuned!

I solved it by deleting our cache directory. Sorry for the false alarm.

Awesome – Thanks for sharing!