How do you save and load game in Lumberyard with Canvas?

Going through tutorials on YouTube, still can’t find something about saving and loading game. Seems to be a pretty important thing for a game.

So I found SaveData gem, but I see nothing about using it with Script Canvas?

How do you use it then? (for people who aren’t programmers and are using canvas) :confused:


You can’t yet unless you expose it yourself in SaveData gem in c++ unfortunately. I am also waiting on this functionality along with other file manipulation nodes and XML reading and writing etc.


Wow, you’d think with Script Canvas this would be the first thing implemented.

You raised a very important topic. Thank you for that! I hope the developers of this amazing engine will be able to provide us with more information, as well as more improvements regarding this topic. And I hope in the future we will be able to see a really working tool that even a person not familiar with programming in C ++ will be able to implement storing and loading gameplay in visual programming language canvas script

When can I wait for the introduction of a new variable in the canvas script with the addition of the save and download function of some variables? I can’t get into an engine editor, I’m not a big expert in this matter and for me it’s difficult. Will this be implemented soon for the script canvas?

I’m on the Script Canvas team and I recently learned that the Save Data gem did not provide a scripting interface. I cannot promise when we’ll have it, but I have a post-it on my computer that reads “Add Scripting Support to Save Data Gem” and I will do my best to find the time to add the necessary hooks for this feature to be callable from Script Canvas.


@LS1 Thank you, it will make it very easy to develop!