How I can use Wind component with PhysX components?

Hi lumberyard team,

How I can use Wind component with PhysX components in lumberyard 1.23?
I know CryPhys components incompatible with PhysX components, is it a solution?

I tested wind component affects on particle component , but no PhysX components.


If it there’s no integration what you could do is attach a script canvas to the cloth entity, reference the wind component, and on entity activation set the properties of the wind to match the cloth wind properties.


Thank you for bringing up this issue.

You are right that CryPhysics wind components are not compatible with PhysX components. We will investigate the possibility of having a wind solution for PhysX components. Your feedback is most welcome!


Hi @Yongzhi_Ong
Thank you so much , You’re the best , I try , I write any ideas or strategies in this forum :blush: :rose: