How many fleets are able to be generated?

Hi All

I wonder about AWS Service Limits.

I can see AWS Service Limits on This URL and a picture below, shows the limits for GameLift.

However, this message happened.

I can make only 5 Fleets.

Now I wanted to get rid of 2 fleets which were still in “Downloading” status for about 1 hour.

But I can’t remove those things due to the status.

In addition, I was testing to update GameLift stuff by using AWS CLI. So a build in the fleet was incorrect such as no binary file due to size of the binary file.

What is wrong with me?

Any help is appreciated.

Hey @mskiller2000, thanks for reaching out. You are hitting new account service limits which are lower than our published limits. To get this limit increased, you need to make a request through
Customer Support.

Service Limit Increases