How many game fleet can i create per instance?

I’m using instance type of c5.large. But I can only create 1 game fleet.
When I create another, it show error: Current limit of instance type of c5.large have been reached.
So is it true that I can only create 1 game fleet per instance?
Because when I go to Service Limit in dashboard and check, it show that c5.large instance have “Service limit” is 20. What is "Service limit’? isn’t it the number of game fleet I can create?
Please help me to explain this.
Thank you very much!

Hi @hieudt ,

Sorry about that, this is a known console issue (GLIFT-15605) that we are prioritizing to fix. This means that your account is currently limited (due to reasons such as brand new account, outdated payment detail, etc) and you should work with AWS support (Go to “Service Limits > Request Increase”) to get your limits increased.


I got it, thank you very much! I’ll contact AWS support to request increased limit when my game is preparing to release.