How to add a Gem as dependency of another Gem?

I’m using Ly 1.13 Beta

My component (inside my Gem) need to use EmotionFx

so I guess I have to add EmotionFx as dependency for my Gem, but I can’t find any way to do this with Lumberyard Project configuration.

I guess we need to edit the Dependencies in the file gem.json. Check this example.

Then I guess we need to re-create the VS project so the changes apply, with this cmd (assume the project name is Empty_Project

C:\Amazon\Lumberyard\LumberyardSDK\dev\Tools\LmbrSetup\Win>lmbr.exe projects create_vs_solution Empty_Project

I can’t we just use “lmbr_waf configure” to apply the changes?

Have you even tried before asking me that? “lmbr_waf configure” (in Ly 1.13 Beta) doesn’t work, I see it did read the file gem.json, but it didn’t update (I guess) the VS project.

But here it said:

                              In a command line window, run the following to generate the Visual Studio solution:
lmbr_waf configure