How to add collision to exported FBX House?

So I have exported a 3D House from Blender 3d, and made it so that the player could enter the house.

I have tried to add the CryPhysics Proxy, but there is still no collision on my mesh…

I also tried exporting my model with a duplicate Mesh in the same FBX, with the ‘_phys’ suffix. But the character still walks through the walls…

How do I add collision the proper way?


Hi! Did you tried add Static Physics component + Mesh Collider component ?

This is my pipeline for tree in few images.

Mesh (LOD0)



A simple convex (total enclosure of an object) collider is used rather than a complex concave (the mesh is the collider) collider. export the FBX form Blender then In lumberyard; in the asset browser double click on the FBX; add modifier CryPhysics Proxy; check update materials; click the arrow before the CryPhysics Proxy option to expand it; click the button after the Physics Meshes [0 of 1 physics meshes selected] & select the mesh; click Update; drag the FBX from the asset browser into the editor viewport; in the Entity Outliner, the entity generated from the FBX must have the Mesh Collider & Static Physics components. You still will not be able to enter the house because a convex mesh collider is created for it. You need to break apart the house in Blender piece by piece with each of their origins in the same position then export each piece as a separate FBX then just parent all of the pieces under one entity to be able to move all of it at the same time. Game engines no longer support concave colliders because of the extremely high demands it puts on the CPU/GPU & there is no way around it. If you build a game with concave colliders only super computers can run it.

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This is something which needs to think about it but somehow I have managed to do that with the help of dell printer error 016-302 and suggested me to have some requirements like Mesh Collider & Static Physics components.

Cute scene, nice idea, but 170 planes ? OMG

BTW 2.8 is prettty decent, but don’t blame you yet, as its still not ‘stable’ :slight_smile:

Thx for sharing.

I sure HOPE, this is just a beta behavior, love LY, but thats a nightmare, ue4 makes it so easy, in most cases last I checked it does it for you, lightmaps and all, depending ofc on complexity.