How to add Gem code files to VS2015?

I am trying to enable the text to speech gem, I have done so using the project configurator and is now available as a component in the edtior, however the code files have not been added to the game project’s solution. the .obj file has been built and exists in BinTemp, yet none of the headers or cpp files are in VS2015.

I have run

lmbr_waf.bat configure


lmbr_waf build_win_x64_vs2015_profile -p game

But still nothing. And although the .obj is created, VS2015 doesn’t know about the gem as the following line will not compile.

#include <CloudGemTextToSpeech/CloudGemTextToSpeechBus.h>

try “lmbr_waf show_option_dialog”

in the visual studio tab check the generate_vs_projects_automatically

also specs_to_include_in_project_generation you should check “all”

try running lmbr_waf configure again and post the output here.

you can also use

lmbr_waf msvs


lmbr_waf msvs -p

to generate your solutions. ( is case sensitive)

files should be added, there should be a text to speech project with the cpp and header files inside. no error messages in cmd. lmbr_waf.bat configure doesnt seem to be doing anything for me, if i set the startergame as the default project, i dont get a solution file. and if i remove an old solution, it wont then make a new one.

Thanks, it didn’t work though, no files added to the project and the compiler still won’t recognise my #include of files in the TextToSpeech gem folder.


Did it build and what were the error msgs?

edit: no file should be added, only an option should be added to the compiler in which dirs it should look for include files.

use “lmbr_waf msvs” without the -p to generate a solution file containing everything.

lmbr_waf msvs -p seemed to do it, thanks.

Although now I’ve lost the [all] profile configuration and the sandbox editor project