How to animate a particle emitter on and off in track view

Hi, I am working on a cinematic in lumberyard and want to be able to animate particle FX on and off at specific times in the Track view, anyone know how to do this? Thanks

Hi @gramc,

To achieve this you can do the following:

  • Drag the “Particle Entity” into the scene and make sure that the particle entity is selected and uncheck the “Active” property.
  • Open the track view editor and create a new sequence.
  • Right click into the node browser and select “Add Selected Entity(s)” (the particle entity must be selected).
  • Select the “Event” track, insert a key at the very first position and give the event key property the value “Disable”.
  • Add another key at any position you like and give the event key property the value “Enable”.
    You can repeat the steps above for every particle entity that you need to enable / disable at specific frames in a sequence.

I hope that helps.

Hey @gramc, I’m checking with the team for a good answer for this.

Thanks, I’ve got this working now.