How to block rain and snow from reaching the ground under a roof or other object?

Using the Snow Gem, how can you keep snow from gathering under a rooftop? Any help would be appreciated.

hi, I’ve just tested occluder option for mesh and it’s works for rain and snow.

steps: create entity with box mesh, set entity as static, set rain occluder option in advanced. set mat for cube with “NoDraw” material.


Thanks fluffy, its working!

This is not working for me using 1.23.1

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Yea there seems to be an issue with some of the layers of the rain/snow. It will not snow inside, but if you leave the frost on, Frost will appear everywhere, even inside.

I noticed this too. Snow is blocked by a mesh/surface, but frost will still gather underneath.

Doesn’t even block rain inside for me or snow.