How to build and edit external project?

External project folder can be created by using

Lmbr.exe projects create GAMEPROJECT -target-folder

But after that, there’s no way to build and edit the external project since ProjectConfigurator don’t recognize external project neigher lmbr_waf command line.

There’s set-engine option to set default engine of the external project, but still there’s no way to told lmbr_waf to configure and build the external project.

Please help.

I manage to build the external project by duplicate waf tool chain to the project folder and rebuild assetprocessor in the external project since the default assetprocessor seems don’t recognize external project.

But still, editing the external project not quite working. I might quit just now as the procedure to work on external project just too cumbersome.

I think this is the same issue as:

Much apologies for this frustrating experience – I’ve let the teams know about this issue and am trying to get answers for you and the Community as soon as possible. Stay tuned. Again, sorry for this situation.

Hello @jj,

Thank you for bringing the issue to our attention. We apologize for the inconvenience!

I have good news however. I have attached a file called external_manifest.txt. If you place that file under your dev folder then by following the same steps you took should successfully create an external project.6147-external-manifest.txt (473 Bytes)external-manifest.txt

Hope that solves your issue.

Thank you.

Can somebody check if also the asset processor works correctly with external projects? It’s a fact that symlinks are a problem for the file notification API. So the asset processor must watch for changes in the external project directory directly.


Thanks a lot for the answer. Yes the external_manifest.txt is what’s missing in the build process.

Please note that you might still need manually copy some dependency files/libs from the engine folder to build and package the external project, but it’s still a good improvement.


AssetProcessor works for external project, but you have to run the version from the project’s Bin64vc140 folder, and you should start it manually before editor start (otherwise the editor will start the version from the engine root folder which wont works for external project)


Thanks for testing this out! But I think we will split our repo in the next version. Let’s hope this feature then is stable/proven enough.