How to calculate player ping/latency for matchmaking?

I noticed that for matchmaking requests, for each player in the ticket, you have to specify a latency map field. However, I am wondering how twe should calculate these values. I have stumbled across these sites:
And I was wondering how these sites calculated these values?

Also, I wanted to know if StartMatchmaking behaved similarly to StartGameSessionPlacement with regards to placing players on fleets in regions with better connection speeds relative to the players. In the documentation for StartGameSessionPlacement,

When placing a game session, by default Amazon GameLift tries each fleet in the order they are listed in the queue configuration. Ideally, a queue’s destinations are listed in preference order.

Alternatively, when requesting a game session with players, you can also provide latency data for each player in relevant Regions. Latency data indicates the performance lag a player experiences when connected to a fleet in the Region. Amazon GameLift uses latency data to reorder the list of destinations to place the game session in a Region with minimal lag. If latency data is provided for multiple players, Amazon GameLift calculates each Region’s average lag for all players and reorders to get the best game play across all players.

I wanted to know if this logic applied to how FlexMatch matches players even if you don’t specify a rule in the matchmaker’s rule set that is directly related to latency.

Matchmaking groups players into a sesssion and then basically goes to create that session by using StartGameSessionPlacement on your queue.

If you provide the latency data, matchmaking will use it when making matches with players and then the session will be placed according to latency rules on the queue.

Quite a few forum posts related to this ie:

To get the ping data, the recommended ways is to ping the GameLift regional endpoint of the region that you are calculating latency to from the game client and then include that information in the request to StartGameSessionPlacement.

You can find a list of the regional endpoints for GameLift here:

Does that cover your question?


Thank you Pip, that absolutely does cover my question!

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Hello chris.I am getting an error when i try to enter this url in postman

Can you find an alternative url to get ping for different aws services

I was able to ping on CLI:

> ping
PING ( 56 data bytes

> ping
PING ( 56 data bytes

Hello.Yeah i can get them in ping but when i am doing a get request it is giving error.What should i do to get Ping in json format