How to change the timeout threshold for PlayerSession?

Hi. As the title said, is there any method for changing the threshold of PlayerSession Timeout?

Currently, it seems that the value is fixed to 60 seconds and it is too short for my project.

Official documentation said:
TIMEDOUT – A player session request was received, but the player did not connect and/or was not validated within the timeout limit (60 seconds).

Any ideas are welcome. Thanks.

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I believe this is a fixed value of 60s.

" If no response is received within 60 seconds of the client app’s original CreatePlayerSession() call, changes the PlayerSession status to TIMEDOUT and reopens the player slot in the game session."

Can you describe your use case where you need more than a minute between CreatePlayerSessiom and AcceptPlayerSession?

Hi. In my case, I used FlexMatch and Unity engine and test on both Editor and actual devices. But the editor has something additional overhead (for debugging, profiling and so on) and sometimes it takes more than 1 minutes. Also the communication time between my servers (lobby, game, session) and client add additional delay time. So 1 minutes is quite close to the limit and just increase to 3 min is sufficient to me.

Hi. I have a similar problem with the 60 seconds threshold.

Our game starts the match with a lot of players 25-50 and the server can’t process all incoming connections in 60 seconds. Is it possible to increase the timeout threshold? How should we proceed with that many player connections? We are using unreal engine.

Let me ping the GameLift service team on this to see if theres been an update

Public documentation still shows a fixed value: create-player-session β€” AWS CLI 1.19.14 Command Reference

Currently the threshold is fixed to 60 seconds but we have opened a feature request for making it adjustable.